The BIG List of Handmade Homemade Edible Gifts

I love giving things, it’s true, I can’t help it. But I don’t like giving things people don’t need or want, know what I mean? Enter stage left, Edible Gifts!

100+ Edible Gifts For Everyone on Your List!

Instead of making the mistake of buying something cheap from a box store, that literally means nothing except I spent some money, I’ve gone retro. I make tasty things for people.

Jaffa Cake with a bite out of it

And it’s been mostly a hit. My father’s favorite dish? Every single year. My husband’s very own personal batch of sriracha sauce? A loaf of perfect bread? Given. Frozen pie crust, homemade and ready to roll, makes an amazing gift. Really the list is endless because one thing we all do it eat.

Best part of making and giving edible gifts?

The person who receives your edible present has NOTHING to dust. They enjoy your gift and then it’s gone!

Something for Everyone

Make that special person an entire candy box filled with candy just for them. They don’t even have to share!

Or the person who loves spicy food would appreciate their very own hot sauce or sriracha.

Or if you want to surprise someone with a classic baked good you’ll find some delish treats here.

If you have someone on a special diet and they’re struggling, you can give them something perfectly suited to them. Now THAT’S a wonderful present.

I’ve separated this list into categories. I think as you scroll through you’ll see how they’re broken down. Have fun and eat well!

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The BIG List of 100+ Edible gifts

I love giving things, it's true, I do and I can't help it. But I don't like giving things people don't need or want, know what I mean? Enter stage left, Edible Gifts!

Let's get SPICY!

This first group is all about bringing the FLAVOR. Whether is homemade seasonongs, extracts, or mixes, you'll find it here.


You'll find mixes and more in this drinks section. There's definitely something for everyone.

Pantry Items

Whether you're stocking the dry pantry or the fridge pantry these gifts will fit the bill. Everything from Bacon Jam to Preserves are coming your way!

Sweet Bites

Candy, fudge, bark, truffles, it's all here! You could grab several recipes and give someone you love a personalized candy box!


Now lets get to one category that hardly needs an introduction, COOKIES. Yes in all caps, I am serious about my cookies.

Baked Goods

Sweet and Savory bread for giving!

Special Diet Edible Gifts

Here's where I put all the gluten-free, egg-free, special diet recipes so if you need something along those lines they're all in once place!

Savory Edible Presents

I like to give savory gifts, they're a nice change-up from cookies and pies! Here you'll find homemade jerky, pepperoni, and other savory goodies perfect for gifting.

A few more unique edible gift ideas!

These ideas didn't really fit in any other categories so I gave them their own spot because they are worthy of giving!

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