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Friday Frenzy 11/17/17

It’s FRIDAY! I don’t usually feel that way, I mean to me Friday is just another day really. But for some reason THIS week I’m excited about it. Maybe it’s because our basement flooded on Monday morning, or the check engine light keeps coming on... read more
Warm Winter Mulling Spices

Warm Winter Mulling Spices

Warm Winter Mulling Spices The last Palmer Food Swap was a complete hit! We had new swappers, new foods and lots of old favorites too, the best kind of swap. I went in a little worreid because I always arrange the swap on a Facebook event and only 8 people had... read more

Friday Frenzy 11/10/17

FRIDAY FRENZY I spent part of the week in Seattle and it’s left me a wee bit addled. I’m not even sure what day it is and WHY are my kids home from school? Ah yes Veteran’s Day. Ok I’m slowly unpacking from our trip, cleaning house, restocking... read more

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