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Snowman Soup

This is the time to make Snowman Soup, most of the holidays are over and everything Christmas related is on sale, so grab a package of marked down candy canes the next time you see them and let’s make some soup!

This is one of those easy, kid-centric Christmas crafts that can be done before or after Christmas, whenever you need a little fun with kids with delicious results.

You can just make 20 bags, a single cup or as many bags as you need, there really is no right or wrong in making snowman soup.

We’ve been making Snowman Soup for 10 years now, it was one of those things we did when our middle boy was a little guy, and we had a baby, and a 13-year-old. Okey dokey, I feel old now.

It worked because even if you just sat at the counter and did nothing (13-year-old and baby) you were still WITH us, and that was important to us as parents, still is. So we make it now 10 years later not because we need to connect, ok we do, but because it was something that we had fun doing. And so we keep doing it.


How to Make Snowman Soup

For each serving of Snowman Soup, you will need:

  • 1 serving dry cocoa mix, can be your own or store-bought just make sure it’s the kind you make with hot water
  • 10 mini marshmallows-more/less totally up to you
  • 2 teaspoons mini chocolate chips-more/less totally up to you
  • 1 candy cane–big or small depends on what you have, leave wrapped until ready to drink

To make one cup:

  • to make a cup of snowman soup stir the cocoa with hot water
  • add the marshmallows and chocolate chips
  • stir together with an unwrapped candy cane

To make for gift-giving:

  • to make snowman soup for giving to friends is easy for each cup you want to give mix the cocoa, marshmallows and chocolate chips in a small food-safe bag, a Ziploc works fine or you can get fancy bags in the wedding section at most crafts stores
  • once you have the dry ingredients measured in the bag add a candy cane, either in the bag itself, easier with mini canes or tie it to the bag along with a snowman tag and the directions for making a cup of Snowman Soup

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