GBBO Bake-Along

Love to bake? Join our fun online GBBO Bake-Along on Facebook. We’re a group of home bakers who support each other as we bake our way through seasons of the Great British Baking Show.

Great British Baking Show Bake Along

How does our GBBO Bake-Along work?

  • Join the facebook group; we try to add members 1-2 times per week
  • Typically we follow one season through to the end, working through one of the weekly baking tent challenges.
  • Every Saturday morning a new bake is announced. Check the announcements section of the group to find it, but because it’s a favorite thread it may also be at the top of the page.
  • Bakes will either be a signature bake, make ANY recipe you like in the category given. So a for instance if it’s Biscuit Week, and the signature bake for that week is “Savory Biscuits,” you find a biscuit recipe you want to try, and make it.
  • Or bakes may be a Technical Bake where an actual recipe is posted; usually one from the show and you’re asked to bake THAT RECIPE.
  • We rarely have a Showstopper Bake, but they do occasionally happen!
  • Once the bake is announced, you will have until the NEXT Sunday to complete your bake.
  • Meanwhile, a new bake will be announced on Saturday, and you’ll have another ten days to complete the bake.
  • Once your bake is done, snap a photo, and be sure to share it to the “Official Finished Bakes Thread,” feel free to critique your bakes.
  • After a bake closes we draw the Star(Bucks) baker for the week! The drawing is random from all the bakes submitted to the “Finished Bakes Thread.”
  • Because I get asked this frequently, you CAN opt out of receiving the Star(Bucks) Baker and just bask in the glow of being chosen.
  • You can ABSOLUTELY donate money to the Star(Bucks) Baker Fund as well. You can contact me on facebook for the paypal address if you’re interested in doing that.
  • Our group is super friendly and an actual happy spot on social media. To ensure it stays this way, please refrain from offering critiques of other people’s bakes unless they specifically ask for input on what went wrong. Feel free to ask for recipe suggestions, ideas, input, and other ideas from the group; we’re always happy to oblige.
  • If you blog or create recipes please ask before posting links to your own content. We usually allow them but like to have them run past moderators first. Thanks!
Jaffa Cake Layers
Jaffa Cakes!