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Mini Yule Log Cakes

These cute Mini Yule Log Cakes are an easy no-bake dessert for Solstice, Christmas, or winter in general. Use simple ingredients available in any store to make these little Buche de Noel. Looking for an EASY Yule Log Recipe?? This one is for you!

Easy Mini Yule Log Cakes

Aren’t these the cutest little yule log cakes you’ve ever seen?? They look a lot like their larger counterparts, but they don’t require a lot of work. Or baking even. If you WANT to bake try making them with my recipe for Chocolate Mini Rolls.

Solstice Celebrations

I don’t know where you all live but up here in Alaska we LOVE Winter Solstice. It’s the time for a roaring bonfire, good friends, cold beer, and tasty food! I know what I’m taking to the Solstice party this year, a sweet solstice dessert.

Mini Yule Logs

They’re not JUST for Solstice, they’d be so fun for individual desserts for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Or even News Years Eve!

solstice dessert

What are the Yule Logs?

The thing is the traditional Yule Log was supposed to burn for 12 days, which means you’ve got a lot of days to work with. Pick one, make these little Yule Log Cakes desserts, and have your own modern yule log.


These Mini Yule Log Cakes are fun to make and require ZERO oven time. Start with Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls, cut them, and add a dab of frosting to the branch. Make a few lines for bark on the top and you’re almost done.

The mushrooms are just mini marshmallows cut, rolled, and dusted with cocoa powder. One more easy step that makes these Mini Yule Logs just over the top cute.

And you can get all these ingredients right at the store! That’s the part I like the best, easy to get ingredients that translate to an easy yule log recipe!

ingredients for mini yule logs for a solstice dessert

And don’t worry I’ve included step-by-step directions and photos in the recipe down below. That makes it even easier for you.

solstice dessert

Swiss Rolls

One of the hard parts of making a large Yule Log or swiss roll is that you have to roll a cake in a spiral and hope it doesn’t split. I’ve done plenty of those, like this Pumpkin Spice Cake Roll or the Carrot Cake Roll, if you’re interested pop on over and check them out.

mini yule logs

If rolling a hot cake up in a dish towel intimidates you then these little Solstice Desserts are perfect for you. Making these with Little Debbie Swiss Rolls means no rolling a cake! Hallelujah!

And if you’re buying little swiss rolls anyway why not whip up these adorable Santa’s Reindeer Candy Treats from Creative Cyncronicity? Aren’t they CUTE?!

Other Yuletide Favorites

Try my other popular winter posts:

Would you share these No-Bake Yule Log Cakes? I’d appreciate it!

Yield: 3

Mini Yule Logs

Mini Yule Logs

Celebrate Winter with these Mini Yule Log Cakes! These little yule logs look like a classic Buche de Noel but they're mini, and NO BAKE! You can make them with pre-made ingredients from the store in just about 20 minutes. Celebrate Solstice, Christmas, or even Winter, with these Mini Yule Logs!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 double packs of Little Debbie Swiss Rolls
  • Chocolate Frosting
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Cocoa Powder


  1. run a cup full of hot water, the swiss rolls cut nicely with a hot knife
  2. soak a paring knife in the hot water
  3. open the swiss rolls, with the hot knife cut one on the diagonal to make three little branches for your log
  4. if the chocolate breaks a little that's ok because you're going to add a tiny bit for bark in the next couple steps
  5. dab a little frosting on the cut end and stick it to one of the branches, repeat with all three branches
  6. spread a small amount of frosting on the top of the swiss rolls and their little branch as well
  7. use a fork to draw lines for bark, this is quick and easy, don't make it perfect, trees are seldom perfect
  8. set your logs on a baking sheet or plates if you're ready to serve them up
  9. cut mini-marshmallows into 1/3 and 2/3rd pieces
  10. roll the smaller piece into the stem and stick it to the cut end of the larger piece
  11. repeat making as many mini-marshmallows as you'd like, prefer 2-3 per yule log
  12. once they're done use a clean paintbrush to flick cocoa powder over the mushrooms
  13. affix to the logs with a small amount of chocolate frosting
  14. if you're planning to serve them later simply lightly cover with plastic wrap or foil
  15. if you add greens to the plate be sure to let your guests know it's not edible

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