Quick Dutch Oven Bread

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If you’re looking to make a crispy artisanal loaf of bread in your home oven you should try this Quick Dutch Oven Bread recipe! It comes together quickly in a stand mixer and bakes up in under an hour. The end result is a rustic loaf of bread perfect for serving with soups or stews.

A crusty loaf of Dutch Oven Bread.

This IS the Dutch Oven Bread you’ve been looking for! Crispy exterior, soft tender interior, perfect for buttering and it’s quick. No 24 hour rise on a “no knead loaf” here.

Do I need a Dutch Oven for Dutch Oven Bread?

NO! You just need a heavy cast iron pot with a lid that can withstand the 450˚ heat of the oven. We have a Dutch Oven that doesn’t have an ovenproof knob so when you want to bake this bread you have to take off the handle and plug the hole with foil.

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This Anolon Braiser is CAST IRON with a stainless steel handle that can withstand heat to 500˚. It’s shorter than a traditional Dutch Oven but wider so you can load in those short ribs or put in a roasting chicken or make this Dutch Oven Bread. You can use it for SO many things.

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This isn’t “No Knead” Dutch Oven Bread

There are plenty of no knead recipes out there but this isn’t one of them. This is a KNEADED dough and that’s what makes it quick. No letting it sit and folding the dough over and hoping it makes a great bread.

You knead, let it rise, punch it down, shape it, put your dutch oven in to hear, let it proof, and bake it up.

A fresh loaf of bread on a cutting board.

How Quick Is It?

Now when we say quick, we mean about 3 hours total from measuring the flour to pulling it out of the oven. But really it depends on the temperature of your house. Our house in Alaska is usually cooler so it takes longer to double in size, your house in a warmer area may not take as long.

A round loaf of rustic bread.

How Can I Proof My Bread Quickly?

What if you want to prove or rise quickly? You can do a lot of different things to get your bread to rise better. It just takes a little ingenuity. Here’s a few hacks for you to try:

  • Preheat your oven for 5 minutes or so, shut it off, make sure it isn’t too warm and put your covered bowl in there to rise, keep an eye on it because it will go quickly
  • The top of the stove can be warm too if you’ve already got your oven on for some baking
  • Some people use their dehydrator, if you have a large one like an Excalibur you can take out the drying racks, turn it on low and put your dough bowl in there, again watch the dough for over proofing and be sure to keep the heat low
  • You can warm up a heating pad and, turn it off and set your dough on it to rise
  • Place the covered dough bowl in the window if it’s warm there
  • Or place it near a heater

Anytime you use a heat source to speed up the rise be sure to keep an eye on your dough so it doesn’t bubble up and out of the bowl. OR over prove and collapse.

You Don’t Have to Hurry This One Though!

If you’re not in a hurry to have this bread as fast as possible let it slow rise. A long slow rise will build flavor in your bread. And sometimes making the dough with cool water like this Ciabatta Bread Recipe will really make the flavor exceptional!

An ear on a NON-Sourdough loaf, how exquisite!

Can I use All-Purpose Flour To Make Bread?

Yes, you can absolutely make bread even IF you don’t have bread flour. Bread flour has wheat that has a higher gluten content so it’s a little more structurally sound. If you DON’T have bread flour it’s going to be just fine. I test all my recipes with All-Purpose Flour (AP Flour) to make sure they will work for you.

As a mom of teen boys I know buying bread flour in bulk can be hard to do, whether its availability OR price that makes it hard. So I make sure that if anyone needs (KNEADS) to use AP flour, they’ll be just fine to do so.

You can ALSO make your own bread flour out of AP flour. Simply measure out your flour, for every cup remove 1.5 teaspoons of flour and add in 1.5 teaspoons of vital wheat gluten.

What About Yeast? DO I need Rapid Rise?

These yeasts offer the same thing, rise to your bread. What they do is the same, how you add them to a recipe is different. You can use them interchangeably in recipes as long as you use them correctly! Or you can see the third option for the rebels out there.

  • If your recipe calls for Active Dry Yeast and you have Rapid/Instant Rise, use about 25% LESS Yeast for best results
  • If Your recipe calls for Rapid/Instant Rise Yeast and you have Active Dry use about 25% MORE Yeast for best results
  • If you’re using Instant Quick Rise or Rapid Rise can add the yeast directly to your dry ingredients — There’s NO NEED to dissolve the yeast in the water FIRST
  • Active Dry Yeast-Regular Normal Yeast should be mixed with a small amount of the water and flour from the recipe and added that way to make sure the yeast is properly distributed
  • REBEL MODE you can be like me and use EITHER type of yeast like it’s Instant Yeast and just accept that your bake may not be perfect

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Yield: 1 loaf

Quick Dutch Oven Bread

A crusty loaf of Dutch Oven Bread.

Quick Dutch Oven Bread for those times when you need bread today, not tomorrow!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Bake Time 45 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 2 hours 30 minutes


  • 3 1/2 cups loosened all-purpose flour, you can use bread four as well
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 1/4 teaspoons instant yeast, see notes active dry yeast information
  • 1 1/2 cups warm water
  • a little extra flour for dusting


  1. put the flour, salt, and instant yeast in the bowl of a stand mixer
  2. put the dough hook on and stir the contents of the bowl together with it
  3. then add 1 cup of the warm water and let the mixer run to bring the ingredients together
  4. once it's come together add the remaining water and let the mixer run on low
  5. when the dough is formed let the mixer machine knead it on low for 3-4 minutes
  6. turn it out into an oiled bowl, cover, and let it rise until it's doubled
  7. once it's doubled lay out a sheet of parchment or foil wherever you plan to let the dough rise again, lightly flour it
  8. then oil your hands and gently press the air out of the dough, and fold the edges of the dough to the middle
  9. pick up the dough, turn it over, and form it into a ball, and then pinch it at the bottom
  10. set it seam side down on the prepared parchment, lightly flatten it to more of a round loaf shape
  11. cover it with an inverted bowl OR a damp towelLetting bread rise under a bowl reduces the need for plastic wrap.
  12. preheat the oven to 450˚ WITH the dutch oven inside
  13. when the dough has risen you can lightly sprinkle with a bit of flour if you want to and slash it lightly with a razor
  14. remove the dutch oven from the oven, set the top aside, it will be hot
  15. grab the edges of the paper or foil and set the dough in the hot dutch oven
  16. put the lid on and put it back in the oven
  17. bake covered for 30 minutes
  18. then remove the lid and bake another 15 minutes
  19. you can check for doneness by taking it out of the oven, using hot pads to pull the loaf, and give it a hearty thump, it should sound hollow when you hit it
  20. it cuts better when it's cooled but who can resist when it's warm and slathered in butter?


*if you're using active dry yeast just stir it into the first cup of water and let it soften up a bit, then pour it in as directed about, add the 1/2 cup of water after the dough starts to form

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  1. I can’t wait to try this! We cook a lot with cast iron, so if I were to get something from the Analon shop, I would probably lean towards the 7qt round dutch oven (ah, if it only came in the red!) or the 5qt braiser. We’ve worked from home for a very long time, so this is the time of year we like to make a lot of slow cooked stews and soups and I think these would be perfect for that AND even more bread baking! Maybe I need two…


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