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The 13th Doctor

is a woman. I blurted that out before my kids had even fully awakened from a night of backyard camping. We’d been talking about who the next the Doctor was going to be for a few weeks now, as it became apparent that the current doctor was done. We started... read more

Friday Frenzy

We had summer this week–two days of sun and fun. Other than that it’s been a typical July in Alaska–rainy, drizzly and wet. So you can bet we were out enjoying summer. How about you?? If you been doing anything fun, making some great food or having... read more

Friday Frenzy Link Party

Welcome to the Friday Frenzy, the Best Food and Craft Link Party on the Web. Why is it the best? Well when you link your favorite posts to the Friday Frenzy your posts will be seen across 9 blogs, for NINE TIMES the exposure. We ask all linkers to pin the featured... read more

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