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Friday Frenzy A Fresh New Year

Friday Frenzy A Fresh New Year

Ahhhh a fresh new year and it’s time to share your favorite New Year’s resolutions, organizing and healthy living posts! Or share whatever you’d like!   Close to Home, Mostly Food and Crafts, Little House Big Alaska and Trampling Rose would like... read more
The +One Project

The +One Project

  So it’s the new year and I’ve done my requisite stay up late, sleep late, eat rich foods and stay in pajamas all day routine. It was glorious! I never do all of those things at once so to mingle them and wallow in them felt good! Now I’m... read more

Year End Friday Frenzy Link Up

It’s time for 2016 to go and we’re celebrating the last few days with a Best of the Best Friday Frenzy. We invite you to link up 3 of favorite or best posts of 2016! In turn we’re sharing OUR personal best posts Close to Home, Mostly Food and Crafts,... read more



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