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Grilled Aidells Sausages in the Air Fryer

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If you love grilling sausages wait until you try Grilling Aidells Sausages in the air fryer. They cook up so quickly and easily that you’ll have dinner on the table in no time at all!

Grilling in your air fryer means you can grill all year long or in any kind of weather. (perfect for Alaskans!) This recipe for Air Fryer Grilled Chicken Tenders is one of my most popular posts, and it’s because it’s a recipe you can use all year round. This one is similar, make them for dinner or make them to have for quick weeknight meals.

Grilled Aidells Sausages in the air fryer.

Air Fryer chicken sausages are cooked up hot and fresh in the air fryer. They come out with lightly browned crispy skin and are perfect when served on a toasty hot dog bun.

Grilled Aidells Sausages in buns in a red checkered napkin.

What do I need to Grill Aidells Sausages in the Air Fryer? 

Honestly, you don’t need a lot to make these air fryer chicken sausages.

You only need:

Sausages, oil, tongs to make grilled sausages in the air fryer.

Do you pierce sausages before cooking? 

For best results do not pierce these air fryer chicken sausage links OR any type of sausage before cooking them! If you do you will lose all the juices in your sausage. And they’ll be dry.

Sausages typically split while cooking as the meat and juices expand. So they may split and some juice runs out but typically they won’t cook and get dry unless you poke them all over to let out all their juices.

You don’t want a dry sausage, you want a juicy tasty sausage! If you’re worried about biting into a super juicy sausage dog remember that letting them cool a bit before you enjoy them will keep them from shooting out hot juice.

Ready to grill in the air fryer basket.

Are Aidels sausages pre-cooked?

Yes, they are pre-cooked! So grilling them in the air fryer is really more about heating them up. And browning them up. You don’t even need a meat thermometer for these sausages, just heat them until they’re hot through. 

How long to grill sausages in the air fryer?

Less time than you might think! For precooked sausages, you will need to cook them for just about 7 minutes (flipped halfway through) or until they are hot and the outside has browned up a little and is crispy.

If you’re cooking traditional raw sausages that are not precooked you will want to cook them longer, around 8-10 minutes. And before deciding they’re done check them with a meat thermometer.

These air fryer sausages cook up in under 10 minutes but then they’re a thinner type of breakfast sausage and they don’t take long. Cooking time depends on the type of sausages you’re cooking, thicker sausages will take longer to cook.

Aidells sausages in buns with ketchup and mustard.

Do you serve air fryer chicken sausages on buns?

You absolutely can serve them like a traditional hot dog and put them on a bun. Add your favorite condiments and you’re enjoying them like hot dogs!

BUT since these sausages are gluten-free and low carb they’re also nice served alongside your favorite air fryer roasted vegetables. Try them with Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts or Roasted Sweet Potatoes or Air Fryer Green Beans.

Because these sausages cook so quickly, feel free to cook the vegetables first, cover them, and keep them warm while you toss the sausages into the air fryer to cook. Or you can put the sausages into the air fryer for the last few minutes of cooking time on the vegetables if you don’t mind the flavors mingling.

Sliced sausage in a bun with ketchup and mustard.

These grilled sausages work well in so many easy meals. It’s a great idea to cook up extras for easy recipes for busy weeknights. You won’t spend a lot of time on dinner when you’re halfway done with it before you start!

Perfectly grilled sausages in the air fryer.

How to store leftover sausages

You can store these sausages in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. They can be served cold or reheated as needed. You can freeze leftovers as well, just put them in a freezer bag, squeeze all the air out that you can, and seal them up.

Yield: 4 servings

Grilled Aidells Sausages in the Air Fryer

Grilled Aidells Sausages in the air fryer.

These easy crispy apple and chicken sausages are perfect for enjoying as hot dogs or serving alongside your favorite veggies.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 6 minutes
Total Time 11 minutes


  • 4 Chicken and Apple Sausages
  • 2 tsp light olive oil or vegetable oil
  • *optional* Hot Dog Buns


  1. preheat the air fryer on 400° for 5 minutes
  2. place the sausages in a medium bowl
  3. drizzle with the oil and then toss to coat
  4. when the air fryer is hot add the sausages
  5. cook on 400° for 3-4 minutes
  6. use tongs to turn over and cook again for 3-4 minutes or until heated through and crispy on the outside
  7. serve as desired on buns or alongside your favorite vegetables or salad

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 190Total Fat 13gSaturated Fat 3.5gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 14gCholesterol 70mgSodium 610mgCarbohydrates 5gFiber 0gSugar 3gProtein 13g

This nutrition information was calculated using a computer program, results may vary.

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