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How to Make Air Fryer Sausage Links

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Quick and Easy Air Fryer Sausage Links. This is hands down the easiest way to make breakfast sausage. Plus it’s no mess, no splatter, and really no work at all. Everyone loves it when I make breakfast sausage in the air fryer, and I bet your crew will too!

Breakfast for two with sausages, toast, and eggs, on plates.

Imagine being able to cook plenty of perfectly cooked breakfast sausages for your whole family quickly and easily!

No more spattering grease everywhere, this air fryer method saves you kitchen cleaning time every time you use it.

Egg, toast, sausage links on a white plate.

Breakfast sausage in the air fryer

This method is for raw uncooked breakfast sausage links. Not brown and serve links.You can find raw uncooked breakfast sauasge links in the freezer section of your local grocery store.

OR they can sometimes be found in the meat department as well. I don’t always find them there especially right now as supply chains are whacky.

Raw breakfast sausages in the basket of the air fryer.

If you want to use brown and serve sausages the cook time is very short. And you really only need to cook them until they’re hot inside. Like 3-4 minutes at the most.

Cooked breakfast sausage links in the air fryer basket.

Raw links take a little longer and they can be tricky to cook evenly when you use a frying pan. Cooking breakfast sausages in the air fryer eliminates under cooked and over cooked spots from traditional cooking methods. The swirling air in the air fryer cooks them evenly on all sides at once.

Plus you don’t have to scrub up the frying pan and/or a splatter guard to keep the oil from splashing out.

Egg on toast with a fork and several fried sausages.

Yield: 2 servings

Breakfast Sausages in the Air Fryer

Egg, toast, sausage links on a white plate.

These breakfast link sausages are cooked up to perfection in the air fryer. So quick and easy you'll never fry sausages again!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes


  • 6 raw breakfast sausage links


  1. preheat the air fryer at 400° for 5 minutes
  2. lay the sausages in the basket of your air fryer
  3. set air fryer to 380°
  4. air fry the sausages for 6 minutes and check to see if they're done
  5. typically they take between 6-8 minutes
  6. check for doneness with an instant-read thermometer, it should read 160° when the sausages are done
  7. serve hot with whatever breakfast items you like, like this air fryer french toast

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