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Air Fryer New York Strip Steaks

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Got steaks and it’s impossible to grill? It’s the Air Fryer to the rescue!! These Air Fryer New York Strip Steaks cook perfectly in the house, no grill required!

Lightly seared steak simply seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked to perfection in the air fryer is the perfect way to cook steaks all year round!

Air fryer new york strip.

Why make steaks in the air fryer?

I’m a gas grill kinda girl through and through but right about November we pack our grill away. And so naturally we pretty much go without steaks all winter long. Not anymore, these air fryer NY strip steak have changed our dinner time!

Air fryer steak sliced and ready to serve.

Sometimes steaks go on sale and you just can’t pass up a good deal. Or maybe you buy a box of beef and get steaks in the middle of winter. What if your grill is broken or maybe it’s raining? Or it’s -15˚F and you need to grill a steak.

Whatever the reason, it’s a GOOD reason to NY strip steak in the air fryer.

Use air fryer steaks on a salad!

What do I need to make Air Fryer New York Strip Steaks?

Want to change it up?? Try making Chimichurri Steak, you won’t regret that decision!!

Salt and pepper on new york steaks.

How Long Do You Cook Steak in the Air Fryer?

You need to cook steak in the air fryer to your preferred doneness. Remember that EVERY machine is completely different so the first time out of the gate you should keep an eye on it. AND measure doneness with an instant-read thermometer to help you figure out how long your machine takes.

Finished steaks in the air fryer.

And remember to cook it to about 5˚ LESS than the finished desired finished temp.

To Air Fry Steak:

  • Rare Steak: Air Fry for about 8 minutes OR until an Instant Read Thermometer reads 135˚ this will increase to 140˚ as it rests
  • Medium Rare Steak: Air Fry for about ten minutes OR until an Instant Read Thermometer reads 140˚ this will increase to 145˚ as it rests
  • Medium Steak: Air Fry for about 12 minutes OR until an Instant Read Thermometer reads 155˚ this will increase to 160˚ as it rests
  • Well Done Steak: Air Fry for about 14 minutes OR until an Instant Read Thermometer reads 165˚ this will increase to 170˚ as it rests

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Yield: 2 Steaks

Air Fryer New York Strip

Air fryer new york strip.

Air Fryer Steaks are one the easiest things to make in the Air Fryer. A little salt, pepper and a spritz of oil are all you need to make great tasting steaks!


  • 18 ounces of New York Strip Steaks
  • oil in a spray bottle
  • good pinch of salt
  • good pinch of pepper


  1. preheat the Air Fryer on 400˚ for 5 minutes
  2. meanwhile, prep the steaks by spraying them lightly with oil (oil brush with a little oil)
  3. sprinkle with salt and pepper
  4. when the Air Fryer is hot lay your steaks in the basket and set it for the 2 minutes BELOW your desired cook time
    8 minutes for rare 135˚
    10 minutes for medium-rare 140˚
    12 minutes for medium 155˚
    14 minutes for medium-well 165˚
  5. when the timer goes off use a digital thermometer to check the temperature, you can use a regular meat thermometer too, remember that the meat will continue to cook and go up by about 5˚ once you take it off the heat
  6. cook again until it's cooked to your desired doneness

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  1. I just bought this air fryer a week ago and hubby and I are trying NY strips in it today. Keep your fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Looks amazing! I love the air fryer for how convenient it is for frozen foods, but I’ve never tried a steak in there. Can’t wait to see how it goes!


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