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Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Moist and tender this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread is just one more way to enjoy abundant zucchini!
Slices of chocolate chip banana bread on white plates.

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Need yet another way to enjoy bountiful zucchini?? Try this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread. All the flavor of a classic zucchini bread PLUS semi-sweet chocolate chips. This quick bread recipe is always hit with the whole family, young or old. 

Sliced chocolate chip zucchini bread on a platter and white linens.

Chocolate chip zucchini bread is a fantastic way to combine the goodness of zucchini with the irresistible flavor of chocolate. This easy recipe yields a moist loaf that’s perfect for breakfast, a snack, or even dessert. With simple ingredients and a few steps, you can create a homemade zucchini bread that will impress your friends and family. 

This recipe is a delightful way to use up excess zucchini from your garden!  if you don’t grow, hit the farmer’s market to take advantage of the zucchini season. With its moist texture, rich chocolate flavor, and healthy twist, this bread will become one of your favorite quick bread recipes. Perfect for easy breakfasts, snacks, or to share with friends, you are going to love this bread. 

Mix it up

You can add ANY kind of chocolate chips to this recipe. Regular chocolate chips as called for, or milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or even, if you can find them, dark chocolate chips. This recipe will work with any kind of chips you have on hand. You could even chop up baking chocolate bars. Just make sure they’re sweetened chocolate bars and not unsweetened chocolate. 

You can also make this recipe into 10-12 muffins, and they should bake for 18-20 minutes or so. 

Ingredients for Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread.

What you need to make the best Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread 

You don’t really need any special ingredients for this recipe, which is so nice!

  • zucchini, 2 small or 1 medium zucchini,  or enough to make 3 cups of grated zucchini
  • ​sugar
  • eggs
  • vegetable oil, or light olive oil
  • pure vanilla extract or use vanilla paste
  • all purpose flour
  • ​baking soda
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • semisweet chocolate chips
  • 9×5 loaf pan
  • ​large bowl
  • medium bowl
  • small bowl
  • wooden spoon or rubber spatula 
  • wire rack for
  • box grater or food processor
Loaf of chocolate chip zucchini bread on a plate with zucchini piled in the background.

To grate or shred zucchini

If you use a very large zucchini or even a huge zucchini, cut it in half and scrape out any seeds. You may also want to peel bigger zucchinis because the peel does start to get thicker as they get bigger. Smaller zucchinis don’t need to be peeled, unless you happen to have someone who freaks out if they see green in their food. 

You can just use a box grater to grate zucchini. It works perfectly and it’s so easy to clean. If you prefer, you can use a food processor to do the shredding. It ALSO works fine. For small amounts fore recipes like this I prefer the box grater. When I’m processing a LOT of zucchini I do like to use the food processor because it just goes so quickly. But then you have to wash the whole processor. 

3/4 shot of zucchini bread with chocolate chips on a platter.

The difference in zucchini shredded by hand and shredded in the food processor is that on a typical food processor you get much larger shreds because it pulls it through the blade quickly. And the blade is also set up to shred bigger pieces. In a box grater you’re pushing it through the grater and it’s just lighter pressure so it’s shredded or grated more finely. 

Zucchini prepared, either way, will bake just fine in this bread recipe. 

Sliced zucchini bread on small plates with a fork and chocolate chips.

Plant More Zucchini!

This recipe and all my zucchini recipes will make you plant more zucchini in the garden! Make Air Fryer Zucchini Fries for a savory twist on zucchini! Or this Zucchini Flower Focaccia recipe, lovely and fresh, it’s got fresh zucchini flowers on it. Or Zucchini Pancakes!

Some like it sweet! So try this Double Chocolate Zucchini Bread! Or the muffin version, Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins. They’re so quick and easy! Or, for a fun twist, make Zucchini Banana Bread!

And if you STILL have zucchini leftover, you can ALWAYS leave some on your neighbor’s porch! It’s a REAL deal, and it’s also just a nice way to treat your neighbors! 

Sliced end of zucchini bread on a cutting board with chocolate chips in the corner and zucchini in the background.

Got leftovers?

If you have any leftovers, store them in an airtight container or wrap them in plastic wrap. Or use a large zipper style plastic bag. What you really need is to keep the bread from getting dry. 

Chocolate chip zucchini bread freezes well, so you can also save some for later. Simply wrap individual slices in aluminum foil and place them in a freezer-safe bag. When you’re ready to enjoy them, just thaw them and reheat them briefly in the oven or microwave.

Slices of chocolate chip banana bread on white plates.

Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

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Moist and tender this Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread is just one more way to enjoy abundant zucchini!
Course: Bread Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Dessert Recipes
Cuisine: American
Keyword: bread, breakfast, desserts
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cooling Time: 1 hour
Servings: 12 slices
Calories: 490kcal
Author: Laura
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  • 2 small zucchinis 3 cups shredded zucchini
  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • cup vegetable oil
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 3 ¾ cup all purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 ½ cups semi sweet chocolate chips


  • shred or grate zucchini and set aside
  • Preheat oven to 325º
  • lightly grease a loaf pan or use cooking spray, set aside
  • In a large mixing bowl, whisk sugar, eggs, oil, and vanilla together and set aside
    Mix wet ingredients for zucchini bread.
  • in a medium bowl stir together flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon, and mix together
  • add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir to combine, just until the flour mixture is incorporated
  • pour off any excess water in the zucchini bowl
  • Add zucchini, and stir until fully incorporated, don’t overmix quick breads
    Shredded zucchini added to batter in a bowl.
  • Stir in chocolate chips
    Chocolate chips added to zucchini bread batter.
  • Pour into the prepared pan
    Zucchini Bread batter in a loaf pan.
  • Sprinkle with extra chocolate chips if desired
    Optional extra chocolate chips on top of zucchini bread batter in a loaf pan.
  • Bake in center of oven for 75 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center of the loaf comes out clean if you can manage to avoid a chocolate chip
  • Remove from oven and let cool 10 minutes on a cooling rack
    Baked zucchini bread in a loaf pan.
  • Then turn it out of the pan onto the cooling rack and let cool completely
  • You can slice it while it's warm and slather it with butter if you want to, the loaf won't slice as cleanly when sliced warm though


Serving: 1serving | Calories: 490kcal | Carbohydrates: 68g | Protein: 6g | Fat: 22g | Saturated Fat: 7g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 8g | Monounsaturated Fat: 6g | Trans Fat: 0.1g | Cholesterol: 1mg | Sodium: 236mg | Potassium: 236mg | Fiber: 4g | Sugar: 34g | Vitamin A: 51IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 29mg | Iron: 3mg
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  1. 5 stars
    Omgsh so yummy! Mine had the flecks of green from the peel but I actually love it. It convinces me this is a health food! haha Seriously though, this was moist and delicious. I’ll be making it all zucchini season long.

  2. 5 stars
    I love the added fibre through the zucchini. and the chocolate chips get me really excited, satisfies my sweet tooth. So this ticks two boxes. I will be baking this on repeat.

  3. 5 stars
    My zucchini plant is already churning out little gourds, and I’m excited to try this with MY OWN zuchs! Dark chocolate chips in this bread are absolutely divine, btw!

  4. 5 stars
    Made these chocolate chip zucchini muffins today for the first time! Outstanding is all I can say! This basic recipe will be my go-to basic muffin recipe going forward!

  5. 5 stars
    This is the only way I can get my kids to eat zucchini! This is a great bread recipe – so much flavor, not too sweet, and just the right amount of chocolate. Great recipe!

  6. 5 stars
    Made a trial run of this with some zucchini that was nearing the end of its life, and it was seriously phenomenal. Will be giving this repeat play for sure come summer and the bumper crop of zucchini!!

  7. 5 stars
    So tasty! The zucchini keeps the bread super moist, and those chocolate chips are are amazing, especially when they are warm and melty.


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