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Make Edible Baby Yoda Nachos

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Yeah, I HAD to do it, I absolutely had to make these Edible Baby Yoda Nachos! If you love the Mandalorian and The Child why not make these FUN nachos!

Baby Yoda Snack

And who wouldn’t want to have a little snacky bite of The Child?? I know I do. Apparently wanting to have a quick bite of Baby Yoda is something called Cute Aggression. Oops! Here’s a Baby Yoda Recipe you can enjoy with zero guilt for Star Wars Day or anytime!

Star Wars Day Food!

This Baby Yoda Recipe will make all your Mandalorian and Star Wars Fans HAPPY! This is the perfect Star Wars Day Food for Star Wars Day on May The Fourth (be with you!)

Baby Yoda Nachos

Baby Yoda Recipe for the WIN!

But I’ve got the answer, Baby Yoda Nachos. Perfect for snacking AND keeping you from eating cute babies. You’re welcome.

Full pan of Baby Yoda (the child) nachos

Edible Baby Yoda Nachos

These are really just nachos with Wholly Guacamole spread on top to look like Baby Yoda. Add a couple of pieces of jalapeños, some sour cream, olives, and boom Baby Yoda Nachos.

Got your OWN favorite nacho recipe? Make those and top it with a guacamole Baby Yoda!

You can also use homemade guacamole. I just grabbed the pack of guacamole because avocados in Alaska in January are hit or miss. And the few I bought for sushi night were hardly pretty.

Sometimes store-bought mashed avocados or guacamole are just better.

Star Wars Party Food??

YESSSSS! These made the perfect Baby Yoda Snack for ANY Star Wars Themed party, especially Star Wars Day. You can make one big platter of nachos OR make smaller plate-sized servings for kids. OR let those kids DIY their OWN Star Wars Food.

That last option is how I roll. I love to put out the ingredients and let kids make their own food. They enjoy the creative time and they know how to make Star Wars food for next time! Plus they can tell all their friends they made an amazing Baby Yoda snack all by themselves.

Now if you’ve got teens at the party, you’ll need to make about 5 batches of these because to them a Baby Yoda Snack is serious food.

the child edible nachos

Who is Baby Yoda? OH MY GOSH!

He is the STAR (probably unintentional) of the Mandalorian series on Disney+. I’m pretty sure Mando is supposed to be the star, but who could stand up against the adorable Baby Yoda? NO ONE.

Not even Mando.

Baby Yoda or Grogu as we now know him is “The Child”

But to US, and to many many fans he’s Baby Yoda. The purists will auto-correct you and say “the Child” every time you talk about him/her. But we KNOW and love him as Baby Yoda.

edible baby yoda nachos

And when we’re feeling it, we just randomly call him BA-YO! And we’re Team BA-YO for life.

Is Baby Yoda a Boy or Girl?

I don’t think we know that yet. I have oftentimes called the child him, but it could just as easily be her. What do you think The Child is?

And What IS Yoda Exactly?

No one knows exactly WHAT Yoda’s species was. OR where the species originated. My 14-year-old swears George Lucas said he was an elf, or yelf. But according to Wookieepedia, the question has never been fully answered.

Notes on the Edible Baby Yoda Nachos:

  • prep everything in advance so when the nachos come out you can put the toppings on and serve them while they’re still hot
  • Use whatever topping YOU like on nachos, including beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and so on
  • the ONLY required items are chips, guacamole, lettuce, a jalapeño, sour cream, and white onions
  • save all the veggie scraps for making an easy homemade broth, except the jalapeño pith and seeds
Baby Yoda Nacho ingredients

Need MORE Ba-Yo?

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Yield: 4 servings

Baby Yoda Nachos

Baby Yoda Nachos

These Baby Yoda Nachos are way too cute. But not TOO cute to eat! All your favorite nacho toppings made to look like Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 1 minute
Total Time 21 minutes


  • 15 oz bag of corn chips, your preferred brand
  • 2 cups shredded cheese
  • 2 cups cooked ground beef or beans
  • chopped lettuce
  • chopped tomatoes
  • salsa
  • diced onions
  • 8 ounces Wholly Guacamole
  • olives
  • jalapeños for ears, more if you like it spicy


  1. preheat broiler
  2. spread 3/4 quarters of the chips on a baking sheet
  3. sprinkle on half the shredded cheese
  4. add beef or beans if using, you can heat these in advance if you want to
  5. add the remaining cheese
  6. broil until the cheese melts and the beef or beans (if using) are warm
  7. meanwhile, split the jalapeño, remove the seeds, and cut a little sliver off for his mouth
  8. when the cheese is melted remove from the oven
  9. add your toppings such as lettuce(save some for Baby Yoda), tomatoes, olives, salsa
  10. to make Baby Yoda: add more chips to one side of the pile of the nachos to form the robe/sack
  11. add a layer of lettuce to the top of the nachos and spread evenly
  12. add the guacamole in a rough circle, add the peppers as ears, olives for eyes, and a little sliver of pepper for his mouth
  13. use a cookie scoop to add his cowl made of sour cream and sprinkle that with diced onions to form the sheepskin look
  14. add more chips to round out his cowl
  15. serve with any remaining chips
  16. stand back because once kids see this there's a lot of screeching and photos being taken

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