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The Easiest Things to Bring to a Potluck (that people will actually enjoy!)

This is a sponsored post about the easiest things to bring to a potluck on behalf of Sconza Chocolates. This quick and easy list of what to bring to a potluck is all mine but I’m happily sharing it with you. Enjoy!

Chocolate Toffee Macadamias by Sconza the best Potluck Food

Friends I’ve been there, I’ve been invited to potlucks and didn’t have time or space to create something worth taking. I NEEDED EASY!

Because my mama raised me right and you never go to a potluck empty-handed. Period end of the story. When I have time to cook I like to make tasty things like this Loaded Potato Salad or possibly these Jaffa Cakes. Sometimes though, time in the kitchen is fleeting.

Chocolate Toffee Macadamias for potlucks

Now I know you’re ALL thinking, “pffftttt food bloggers they’re always making the best things to eat what is she even talking about?” But in my earlier life as an overwhelmed mom with three boys, one a teenager, and two younger ones, my time was often been limited.

So being me, I wrote up a list of the easiest things to bring to a potluck and tucked it away in my cookbook shelf. That list has served me well, and I’m about to share it with you.

inside a bag of Sconza Chocolate Toffee Macadamias one of the easiest dishes to bring to a potluck is a bowl of good chocolate

I was sent a couple of big bags of Sconza Chocolate Toffee Macadamia Nuts to try out with my family.

Oh, these chocolates are what chocolate macadamia nut dreams are made of, seriously. Sweet big macadamia nuts, a light toffee crunch, luscious chocolate and light sugar dusting to top them off, make them the perfect bite-size chocolate treat.

Easiest Potluck Foods that people will enjoy

And while we all loved the Toffee Macadamia Nuts what I kept thinking about was how easy they would be to keep on hand for parties. Or hostess gifts. Or for taking to a potluck, they’d go so FAST!

Who wouldn’t want to grab a few to savor? And then I pulled out my what to bring to a potluck list and added them to it. You can’t go wrong with good chocolate.

What is a Potluck

Let’s talk basic potluck rules or the RULE of potlucks because there is only ONE actual rule, bring food. And if you’re takings teens I’d like to add bring more rather than less.

When I’m on a time budget I turn to my super easy list of no-cook potluck dishes, pick a sweet, AND a savory from the list and call it done.

And honestly this list changes over the years, 15 years ago hummus wasn’t something most people ate, now it’s a list topper for sure. I also watch what other people are eating at potlucks so I can add to my list as needed.

the inside of a chocolate toffee macadamias from Sconza

You don’t HAVE to be able to get in the kitchen to make a potluck dish because there are so many no-cook options! The only thing you need to do is never go empty-handed. Bring Sconza Chocolates (use lauragives10 to save 10% on your order!), and something savory and call it good!

What’s your favorite GO-TO for Potlucks and parties?? I really WANT to know so I can add them to my list. Or better yet what are you HAPPY to see on the table when you hit a party?!

pin for the Easiest Potluck Dishes that require zero kitchen time!

The Easiest Things to Bring to a Potluck

  • Sconza Chocolates-Good chocolate to share with a crowd! Might I suggest the Chocolate Toffee Macadamias from Sconza? Perfect for filling up a bowl and sliding right on the table where everyone can grab a handful?
  • Hummus And Pita Chips–One of my all-time favorite party foods. Looks good, perfect for vegetarians and honestly, a little protein never hurt anyone.
  • Beautiful Olives-If your local store happens to have an Olive Bar make a few crazy choices on olives fit for a king. Serve them in a bowl with a spoon so people can pick one or two to try out.
  • Fried Chicken-A platter of cold fried chicken from your local in-store deli. Just keep it chilled until you serve it and it will disappear in no time at all.
  • Fresh Fruit-A giant bowl of freshly washed fruit. You could go with a fruit platter but personally, a bowl of fresh cherries, grapes, or clementine oranges look better.
  • Fresh Bread and Good Butter-Grab a few loaves of rustic bread, good butter, bring your cutting board and a bread knife and you’re party ready. No one ever complains about too much bread at a potluck.
  • Mixed Nuts-Always a nice addition to any party table. Bring two or three small bowls (and spoons!), fill them up with good quality mixed nuts, add a spoon, and tuck them in wherever there’s an empty spot. These are so nice for folk who don’t want a plate but just want to munch.
  • Spinach Dip and Hawaiin Bread-If you can find store made spinach dip this is a nice dish to take. Simply hollow out a round loaf of Hawaiin Bread, and fill it with dip. Slice another loaf and lay it around the first loaf.
  • Brie-A nice wedge or circle of Brie makes a nice addition to any party. Add crackers or fresh bread too!
  • Big Salad-Buy your favorite pre-made salad mix, probably 2-3 of them. Toss in a big bowl, add the dressing if it comes with it, toss again, cover and you’re ready to head out. Don’t forget tongs, though!
  • Cheesecake-If you can find a pre-made cheesecake, sometimes available in the bakery area of grocery stores, get one! Slice it, and set it out, watch it disappear.
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