You can have green grass for Easter. It may not be outside, there may not be a lot of it and you may not be able to walk barefoot in it, but you will have fresh green grass inside. It’s fun an easy and even the littlest of kids will enjoy watching seeds sprout.

I don’t know about where YOU live but up here in Alaska Easter doesn’t come in with green grass and baby birds and a fresh clean breeze. It comes in all crazy town. We got snow on Monday, 60 degrees and sunny on Tuesday, Wednesday-Friday the wind will be 70 miles an hour and then lets repeat that but with rain instead of snow or sun. And everything is brown. Or gray. Or bray as I’ve suddenly decided to call it. Easter isn’t pretty up here.

Around May 1st we start to see peeks of green here and there and the leaves start to pop out and the robins are here and life is suddenly amazing! But before that we need a bit of hope, if you know what I mean, and that hope can take a couple forms. The best form is something that smells like, looks like and feels like green grass. And yes! suddenly you CAN stand that bray color a few more weeks, if need be.

This grass is the easiest to grow because it basically involves ignoring it between bursts of small amounts of work. Here’s a step by step for getting your grass on.

Grow Wheat Grass for Fun
  • 1-2 cups of wheat seeds–I used some local wheat berries that had never been sprayed or treated, you can simply type in wheat berries on Amazon and find a HUGE assortment OR go to your local super market and dig around in the bulk department, many of them have wheat berries you can buy
  • a quart jar
  • war water
  • a sunny windowsill
  • soil for planting
  • tray, baking sheet or flat for planting, or other desired container
  1. put your wheat berries in the quart jar
  2. rinse your them 1-2 times getting out any dirt or partial pieces being careful not let them wash down the drain
  3. fill the jar with water and set in a sunny window sill for 24 hours, rinsing after about 12 hours
  4. empty the water again being careful not let the seeds wash down the drain
  5. rinse once, pour out the water and set the jar on it’s side to let the seeds spread out
  6. repeat until the seeds sprout
  7. once they’ve sprouted lay a thin layer of soil in a tray, baking sheet or plant flat, water lightly,add the wheat berries and cover with another thin layer of soil
  8. place in a sunny spot until grass comes up
  9. total elapsed time for this project is 4-5 days





Have you grown grass inside? Aren’t you ready for some fresh green grass??