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How to Clean Window Screens

It’s that time of year again when you’re contemplating how to clean your screens. Or at least I am, anyway.

It’s a good idea to wash your window screens before you put them away OR before you put them on for the summer. I’ve always wondered how to clean window screens effectively, even when I wash them down they still seem dirty.

How to Clean Window Screens? Try my pre-cleaning trick!

This year I tried something new when I cleaned my screens, and it made all the difference in how quickly my screens got clean.

I didn’t use any fancy tools or cleaner; I used a product I already owned. It made cleaning them so much quicker and easier.

So take my word for it and do this one simple thing before cleaning your window screens and they’ll be so much cleaner. The best part is after you use my trick for cleaning window screens no matter HOW you clean your screens it’s the best way! No fancy anything required either.

Taking Down the Screens OR Putting Them Up

Taking down the screens has to happen at precisely the time between bug season and snow. Too early and your house will be full of late summer flies. Too late and you’re stuck prying them out in the cold weather of the first snow.

Time it correctly and they’re out, cleaned and tucked away for next spring before the snow flies and after the bugs die.

Likewise, when you’re putting them up you’ve got to know when the first bugs will be out and get those screens up just before they come out. Timing is everything.

Clean your screens with vinegar or Magic Erasers, there are many methods, and none seem wrong

Every year when I take my screens down OR put them up, I end up trying different methods to clean them, I scrub them as gently as possible or soak and rinse to get all the gunk off of them.

We live at the confluence of TWO glacial rivers, and the silt/dust we collect in our house is embarrassing. So washing it out of the screens is an absolute must for us or they become so full of silt they look terrible.

Cottonwood, Aspen, Fireweed, all the fluff!

We also have a lot of cottonwoods, aspens, and fireweed around our home. Those plants release cottony fluffy stuff that flies sporadically from early summer to July to late summer. And those fuzzy things get caught in our screens as well as dust and dirt.

Try to scrub off the fluff and it becomes trapped in the screens. Usually, it takes a lot of patience to wash them on one side, flip them repeatedly, spraying from both sides to get all the fuzzy bits out. But NOT anymore!

Do this ONE Simple Thing BEFORE Cleaning Your Window Screens


Here’s the Trick!

Before you EVER wet your screens, use your lint roller! Roll it across the screens, top to bottom. Repeat going side to side.

Flip the Screen over and repeat that whole process on the other side. Tear away the sheet when it gets too covered with fuzz.

After I used the lint roller, it was so easy to spray them off with hot water in the shower to get all the silt out of them. The whole process was so quick and straightforward; I’m hooked!

I know when I put them up next year I won’t be finding missed bits of fireweed fuzz stuck to the screens. When that happens I usually end up picking it out with tweezers. Uh, no thanks!

Do this ONE Simple Thing BEFORE Cleaning Your Window Screens


Do this ONE Simple Thing BEFORE Cleaning Your Window Screens

side to side

Do this ONE Simple Thing BEFORE Cleaning Your Window Screens

up and down

Well, that’s it, my simple trick to make cleaning your screens SO much quicker and easier. How do you clean your screens?? Do you clean before you put them on in the spring or after you take them off in the fall?

Truth be told I do both because of all the silt in our house from the rivers and glaciers.

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