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Bing Cherry Pie Filling Recipe

With just a few steps and a couple of minutes on the stove, this easy cherry pie filling recipe comes together. In just about ten minutes you can have this fresh bing cherry pie filling recipe ready to cool and put in a pie shell.

Pie Filling No Corn Starch

And it’s doesn’t use corn starch! So if you’re looking for a pie filling without corn starch this is it!

Whether you’re concerned about GMO products or you have a corn allergy this recipe uses flour instead of corn starch. A corn starch free pie filling? YES PLEASE!

cherry pie filling

Easy Cherry Pie Filling recipe

Why make your own when the canned filling is readily available? It’s simple, it just tastes better. You control the sugar so it’s not overly sweet. And you add a little lemon juice to give it jazz. You can add the lemon juice to taste if you like, so it’s perfect for your cherries.

Want to make your own Peach Pie Filling?? You totally can! Whip up the filling, add it to your crust and voila PIE!

Bing or Sweet Cherry Pie Filling

Most pie recipes I find use tart cherries for pie filling but this recipe is for bing or sweet cherry pie filling. Bing cherries are sweet cherries and they make a fine pine. Don’t overlook them in the freezer section or the produce aisle.

This recipe is for Cherry Filling for Pie

BUT you can use it in any recipe that calls for cherry pie filling. Make a batch of this recipe for cherry pie filling and put it in these mini apple pies instead of apples, or British Iced Buns, or slather it on top of homemade pancakes or waffles.

How to make Cherry Pie Filling from Bing Cherries

SO EASY and so tasty! Omgosh when you see bing cherries on sale in the summer, BUY THEM. You’re going to want to put some of these away for winter pies.

Yes, you do need to pit them, but you can grab a cherry pitter in any home good stores, or grocery stores or even online. I linked to a few down below in the recipe card.

These seem to be the best-rated products on Amazon and will serve you for years. I would avoid ANY pitter with plastic parts in the pitting area, those may be inexpensive but they are also cheap.

When you’re pitting cherries be sure to cover your workspace with something that will keep the cherry juice from landing on it. Cherry juice will stain any surface you’re working over. And be sure to wear an apron. Also? Your hands will be an odd dark red color when you’re done with pitting so wear gloves if that matters to you.

bing cherry pie filling

Once you’ve pitted the bing cherries then you’re ready to proceed with this pie filling. OR if you want to save them for later put them on a baking sheet and freeze them.

Once frozen they can be sealed in freezer boxes or bags for wintertime use. Like Christmas Pies or Thanksgiving pies, or what about a Cherry Pie for Presidents day?? Be sure to use my favorite all-butter easy pie dough recipe for the BEST pies!

A Pie Filling Recipe with Flour, Not Corn Starch?

When I first started to make my own cherry pie filling I went to grab corn starch and I was out. I knew I could use flour, but I was worried it would be cloudy. But much to my happiness the cherry pie filling was not cloudy, or at least cloudy enough to be worried about.

no corn starch cherry pie filling

Notes on the pie filling –DO NOT can this pie filling!

This isn’t something you should can. I don’t think canning things with flour is safe. The USDA is just starting to OK the use of some flour in canned goods but I don’t have guidelines for that. And I just don’t can things with flour in them.

One batch makes enough for a shallow pie pan, something like a regular pyrex pie pan. If you have a newer deep-dish style pie pan double this recipe for a nice full pie! Even IF you don’t use it all for the pie, you can use it on ice cream or toast or in hand pies. Don’t try to use it in something like this Cherry Strudel, it’s too wet for that! It’s always better to have TOO much than a skimpy little pie.

Bing Cherry Pie Filling

Bing Cherry Pie Filling

Did you know you can make pie filling from bing cherries? You can and it's amazing!

This recipe makes enough for a thin pie, if you're making pie in a deep pie pan double this recipe!

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
cooling time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 20 minutes


  • 5 cups frozen pitted sweet cherries
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 teaspoons lemon juice 
  • 2/3 cup sugar
  • 1/4 cup all purpose flour


  1. cook the frozen cherries with the water, lemon juice, and the sugar over medium heat
  2. put the flour in a bowl
  3. when the cherries are very juicy scoop out about a cup of juice
  4. pour over the flour and whisk until smooth
  5. once it's smooth pour it back in the pan
  6. cook and stir until the cherries are thickened up
  7. cool completely before using
  8. remember if you are making a deep pie to double the recipes


This recipe makes enough for a thin pie if you're making pie in a deep pie pan double this recipe!

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2 thoughts on “Bing Cherry Pie Filling Recipe”

  1. Love it! Made a delicious, fresh, no-bake bing cherry pie.
    Cooked a half batch of this recipe, with 3 cups cherries. At end of cooking time, stirred in another 3 cups of pitted cherries. When cooled, poured into pre-baked shell & refrigerated a few hours.
    Just before serving, whipped heavy cream with a little powdered sugar and splash of almond extract for a topping. DELICIOUS and will definitely make again.

  2. I love this recipe! We like a deep dish pie so it is always doubled. I use 5 cups frozen cherries and 5 cups fresh bing cherries. However, I do soak the frozen with a couple shots of Fireball Whiskey. This gives the pie rich warm flavor.


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