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Easy To Make Dream Pillows

Easy To Make Dream Pillows

Everything is SO ripe right now in ALaska, Septemeber will do that to a state. I wanted to put away bits of summer in new an different ways this year. I made Calendula Salve and Homegrown Smudge Sticks to enjoy summer just a little longer. Then I harvested a bunch of herbs and wild plants and sewed up a couple of these Easy To Make Dream Pillows. When I say easy to make, I MEAN EASY. So simple! You gather, dry, stitch, stuff and enjoy. You’ll love making these Easy To Make Dream Pillows as gifts for friends with your kids or even a scout troop or as a class project.

What are dream pillows? They’re little herb or flower filled pillows or sachets you tuck inside your pillow for a lovely dreamy night of sleep. I love making these for a nature filled dreamscape. You can fill them with just about any herb or flower you like. I love using mint in mine, it’s one of my favorite wild plants, it has a crisp fresh scent that I find so refreshing in my dream pillows. If you want to make dream pillows with herbs for a specific purpose check out the list of herbs you can use here in this post on The Dream Tribe.

Easy To Make Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows

What you need:

  • herbs or wild plants of your choice-think of marigolds, yarrow, mint, lavender, sweet clover or red clover
  • you can also choose to use just essential oils if you like
  • wool roving or stuffing material
  • scraps of fabric, big or small, any fabric will work
  • sewing machine OR needle and thread

Easy To Make Dream Pillows

How to Make Dream Pillows

  • dry your herbs or wild plants if they are fresh
  • cut 2 pieces of material the same size
  • place rights side together
  • sew around three sides
  • turn right side out
  • fill lightly with stuffing
  • add dried herbs or several drops of essential oils as desired
  • fold over the top and sew shut
  • trim any threads
  • to use: tuck inside your pillow case or under your pillow for a fresh dreamy night of sleep

Easy To Make Dream Pillows

Wouldn’t this easy craft be fun to make with a group of kids? It could be a great little class fundraiser, better than a bake sale!

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