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Make a Lego Bag/Mat

Make a Lego Bag/Mat

A few years back I wrote this simple little post about how to Make a Lego Mat/Bag. This is a great quick-sew gift you can whip up in under an hour. Add a little lego set and you’re ready to roll. I’ve rewritten this post and cleaned it up a bit. The directions are clearer and I hope easier to follow.

I left the old links to the google docs I’d included before just in case some of you are gluttons for punishment. HA!

I bought a whole slew of these little Harry Potter Lego sets at a thrift store. They’re perfect to keep on hand for gift giving. I wanted to add a little bag/mat to make it portable and more fun.

Make a Lego Mat/Bag


I love the way it turned out!

Make a Lego Mat/Bag

play mat

Make a Lego Mat/Bag

pull the ribbon

Make a Lego Mat/Bag

up it goes

Make a Lego Mat/Bag

twist it around, slip it under itself and voila!

Make a Lego Mat/Bag


Make a Lego Bag/Mat


  • 2 12 inch (or bigger) circles of fabric
  • 12 2 inch lengths of ribbon
  • plus extra for a drawstring
  • pins
  • needle and thread or sewing machine
  • iron if needed
To Make:
  1. fold the ribbon pieces in half and pin facing IN to the circle on the wrong side of the fabric
  2. place the other circle wrong side down on top on of the circle
  3. sew two circles together leaving a small opening to turn
  4. turn right side out, fold opening shut, sew it closed
  5. now you should have a circle with 12 loops facing out, iron if needed
  6. thread drawstring through the loops and pull to close
  7. add a small lego set and this is ready to give!

I also created some directions in google docs if you’d like to look at them.

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Make a Lego Bag_Mat



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6 thoughts on “Make a Lego Bag/Mat”

  1. I love this idea (some of your photos didn't upload). I just scored a huge amount of dominos and I need something to keep them together…love the idea.

  2. I have about 4 million legos in my house. I think I'd need a pup tent to scoop them us, but your idea is really cute. Good to remember for the next gift occasion.


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