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Easy DIY Backyard Badminton or Volleyball Court

Looking for a quick way to stop the arguments over backyard badminton and volleyball games? Check out our Easy DIY Backyard Badminton or Volleyball Court–it takes minutes to install, is completely non-permanent and makes for more peaceful games!

I don’t know about you but we LOVE to play badminton, a lot. Sometimes we get a little intense. If you know me I know what you’re thinking right now, “Laura, INTENSE?” but I can assure you it’s true! And then multiply that times 4, add in a little competitiveness and one pre-teen and you’ll begin to understand WHY we needed some lines in our badminton game. We needed a DEFINITE IN OR OUT line because some people will not stop arguing a birdie is in, even when it was clearly out.

I mentioned a court line of some sort to my husband and he came up with an easy to install and remove line that can be set as big or as small as you want it.

Now a regulation badminton set up is around 41×17 feet with a net about 6 feet off the ground. We felt no need to stick to regulation size and made up our own size to fit our needs(and truth be told our net, which is huge and ridiculous with it’s concrete feet but it works). You’ll probably want to go this route as well because your needs and net will be different than other people. If you have teens and a lot of them you may want a longer or wider space to allow everyone to fit and you if have a bunch of little ones you may need a smaller space and definitely a lower net. I’m giving you the dimensions for the court we made and how to set it up, you can take that and make it yours to suit you.

One note–yes it’s made out of rope but we’ve been playing on it like this for weeks and not one person has tripped or fallen over the rope. The staples are there to hold it down but should easily pull out if someone gets a toe stuck in it. If you’re worried about tripping on the rope or causing an injury because of it, then this may not be the project for you.

DIY Backyard Badminton or Volleyball Court

supply list-makes a 17ftX33ft court

  1. 5 feet of sturdy wire(14 or 16 gauge) to make 8-10 wire staples-wire clothes hanger make great staples if you can’t get any wire-they’re a little smaller gauge wire but will work
  2. wire cutters
  3. measure tape
  4. 100 feet of visible rope-we used a blue one
  5. a heavy hammer for pounding in the staples


  • make your staples and have them ready to go, use wire snips to cut the wire about 6 inches long and bend into giant V shaped staples
  • divide the rope evenly in half and lightly staple it down at the outside edge of the net on the right side
  • run the rope out 16 1/2 feet from the right side to make the first corner, lightly staple it down
  • then turn the corner and make the back side of the court by running it 17 feet across to the left side of the court
  • lightly staple that corner
  • turn the corner and run the rope 16 1/2 feet back to left side of the net and staple it there
  • repeat with the other side of the court, finishing off with a staple where the two ends meet, on the left side of net
  • now look down the lines and straighten up the ropes as needed to make them even, move your staples to adjust the ropes
  • once it’s even and looks good set your staples by hammering them in, don’t crush them just tap until they’re flush with the ground
  • use the excess staples to secure the rope where it doesn’t lay directly on the ground-maybe you’re lucky and your lawn in flat, our field is kinda

 Staples–not perfect and they don’t need to be

Leave the staples up and loose until the whole court is set

 Once they’re set, tap them in

 Nice straight lines, easy to call it in or out–makes for such a peaceful game!

Place an extra staple wherever the rope isn’t lying flat–this will keep tripping to a minimum.

This easy to use set up can be used for badminton OR volleyball–just switch to using a volleyball and you’re there! The regulation size volleyball court is roughly 30X120 feet and that’s SO huge–thankfully this is backyard style and you can choose any size you wish, so maybe double the size of the court if you want to but we left it the same and had a good time playing  2 on 2 volleyball.

Is your family the argue till you die type or are you more mellow?? I like to think we’re mellow but in reality we’re loud, noisy and a dirty mess 99% of the time!

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