Oven S’mores

Easy to fix Oven S’mores are what you make when your 7-year-old finds ALL the ingredients for s’mores at the store, diligently stacks them in your cart and then it rains and blows all night. Sometimes you just gotta improvise!

Super Easy S’mores in the Oven!

Super easy to make and delicious to enjoy anytime Oven S’mores are now at the top of the fast-to-make dessert list. I thought whipping these out would be sacrilegious to my dedicated campers (I love NOT camping) but even my hardcore purist admitted they were “the best s’mores he ever had.” WHAT???

I’m guessing that label “the best s’mores he ever had” stems from these facts:

  1. we weren’t attempting to cook marshmallows but not flame them
  2. while simultaneously balancing chocolate bars on top of graham crackers
  3. with nowhere to put the whole mess
  4. without the dog trying to eat the whole mess
  5. or the whole mess falling to the ground
  6. only to make someone cry
  7. mom didn’t eat all the chocolate in the dark because no one could see her do it (not fair!)
  8. also, no one burned the end of their nose with a flaming marshmallow (DON’T laugh that happened to me once, I still have the scar….on my ego anyway)
Make Oven S’mores and you’ll be a true believer. If you like these try my Salted Caramel S’mores, oh wow they’re amazing!

Oven S'mores

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Alaskan, American


  • 8 rectangles graham cracker sheets--Honey Maid
  • 2 Hershey Bars
  • 8 marshmallows Jet Puffed because they never morph into one with their neighbors


  • turn you oven on to broil
  • break each graham rectangle in half making them squares
  • lay 8 of the graham squares on a cookie sheet
  • pop them in the oven to start warming up
  • open the chocolate bars break into 8 equal pieces
  • after about 2 minutes pull the grahams out of the oven
  • place one chocolate piece on each half of the graham squares
  • pop them back in the oven until the chocolate just starts to melt
  • pull them out again and pop a marshmallow on top of the chocolate
  • put them back in just until the marshmallow starts to get hot and turn ever so slightly brown
  • pull them out and top with the remaining grahams and serve immediately

Don’t worry the mess is still there with these s’mores, gooey cooked marshamallow mixed with chocolate and covered in crumbs will never be neat to eat. But at least they were easy to make.