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Make Your Own Buttons

Making your own buttons is a really interesting way to customize your homemade garments or store-bought for that matter. My husband, ever the maker and aspiring Victorian gentleman, recently made himself a vest. The vest took weeks of careful sewing and of course vicious wadding up and throwing down in disgust. The final project is very nice to look at, especially when you can’t see all the blood and sweat that went into it but the crowing glory are his buttons. I took photos of his process and thought I’d share.

The buttons are relatively easy to make and use simple household tools, mostly simple household tools. Our boys 7 and 8 are certainly enthralled with the button making process and have turned out quite a few buttons. Any buttons that get mangled along the way turn into pirate money, which in our house is worth MORE than the actual penny.

Supplies: old pennies or dimes
chunk of 4X4 post big enough to whack around and not break it
ball peen hammer
punch, to make the holes
regular hammer


First you need to make the holes for sewing it on, so use the the regular hammer and punch and make the holes

Go through both sides so the holes are both cleanly punched

Set the button aside and use the ball peen hammer to make a nice dent in your post–one good whack is all you need and it has to be fairly hearty!


Lay the button over the nice big dent, put the ball peen on top of it and use the other hammer to WHACK it–again you get but one shot, make it count

Voila–button is finished!



FUN! You should be aware that making these to sell would be very illegal. Making a few to wear is along the lines of the penny smashing machines in tourist areas, making them to make a profit will certainly get you in trouble. Consider yourself forewarned!

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11 thoughts on “Make Your Own Buttons”

  1. You should be aware that making these to sell would be very illegal. Making a few to wear is along the lines of the penny smashing machines in tourist areas.

  2. Ohhhh me likey! I think would be an especially fun craft to do with foreign money "souvenirs" from trips. I always try to collect some token coins from countries of people that I know visit (since, you know, I haven't visited them myself sniffle sniffle). Nice way to use and display them, versus sitting in my jewelry box out of sight out of mind.

  3. hi Laura, thank you for linking up to the challenge! i love this diy – in my opinion a great way to use old coins (here in the euro zone there's plenty of nice but perfectly useless coins left over from the pre-euro times.) gotta get the man of the house to get the hammer and punch out and make us some shiny new buttons!


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