Life in Alaska:

Best of Alaska

Best of Alaska

If you’re looking for the BEST Alaska has to offer then you’re in the right place. I recently attended the Best of Alaska and here’s my quick re-cap of the event.

The Most Alaskan Day in Alaska

The Most Alaskan Day in Alaska Starts with a bang, has typical Alaskan shenanigans, some Alaskan ungulates in the yard and the literal mascot for Alaskan planned for your dinner plate, a bird of prey in the woods.Just a fairly normal typical day as shared by an Alaska Blogger. And you?

Friday Frenzy a day late and a dollar short

Yep this is definitely late. Yesterday was the HUGE fundraiser auction I’ve been working on since school started. And then that thing with my foot stopped me cold. I went to the set up for auction and spent all day doing what I could to help out. I put in some...

October Friday Frenzy

October Friday Frenzy Well there’s snow halfway down the mountain here in our little home town of Palmer Alaska. SNOW. Not on the ground here but it’s up there and heading for us. Must be October in Alaska. Halloween is always hit or miss for costumes and...

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