Felted Bird Nests for Spring

waldorf needle felted nests7

I recently participated in my very first Waldorf Swap. You know I love to swap, barter, make deals and trade goods so a craft swap wasn’t completely out of line with my personality. In fact participating in it happened to be very good for me, it’s like it kicked on my craftiness which has been lacking lately.

How to Grow Wheat Grass for Fun

You can have green grass for Easter. It may not be outside, there may not be a lot of it and you may not be able to walk barefoot in it, but you will have fresh green grass. It’s fun and easy, even the littlest of kids will enjoy watching seeds sprout. This guide will walk you through How to Grow Wheat Grass for Fun.

10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden

I created a quick dish garden featuring succulents and you can make one too. It’s a quick and easy project that I will walk you through in no time at all. In fact in under 10 minutes you can make your own dish garden too! Make a 10 Minute Succulent Dish Garden for a friend or for anyone who needs a pick me up.