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What NOT to Pack for a Trip to Alaska

My my my, whenever I see a visitor to Alaska I wonder if they’ve read my post about What to Pack for your Vacation to Alaska. Since I only wrote that post a short month ago I’m going to assume that, no they haven’t read it. And that’s ok. You can catch it real quick and then read this post What NOT to Pack for a Trip to Alaska. Read both of them and you’re pretty much set for a simple Alaskan Vacation.

what NOT to pack for a trip to Alaska

Suggestions from Alaskans

Please note that the lists I create are NOT accurate for everyone, they are simply suggestions from a lifelong Alaskan. If you’re going mountain climbing, kayaking, running, or doing anything other than a simple trip to Alaska you will need the proper gear for that.

This list of What NOT to Pack for a Trip to Alaska is mostly for the simple cruise, bus, RV, or train tour of Alaska during the months of April through September.

I’d like to give a Hale and Hearty shoutout to the hivemind on Facebook for their quick and witty replies to my query “Most useless piece of clothing a tourist could bring to Alaska?” This list is partly compiled from the answers they provided.

What NOT to Pack for a Trip to Alaska

  • Bikinis-You could use a regular swimsuit but a bikini was repeatedly suggested as something you definitely don’t need. I agree!
  • Suede ANYTHING-The idea is that suede in wet weather is a bad idea.
  • HIGH HEELS-You don’t need them up here-please refer to my list of what to bring to Alaska for the list of proper footwear.
  • Plastic Rain Poncho-This was on my original list but it was also voiced loud and clear on Facebook, get a real raincoat! The wind alone will wrap that poncho around you in 30 seconds and suck it right over your head. And the rain laughs at your little plastic bag poncho, while it completely soaks you.
  • Shorts-There were several suggestions for shorts and jorts. Direct Quote “If Alaskan summers are like your winters” then you probably don’t need shorts. This one I would leave up to you, there may be part of the day where shorts make sense.
  • Sandals and Flip Flops-You probably won’t need these. In fact, I can only see misery wearing these for any outside use. Yet I have friends who switch to flip-flops once the snow melts and never wear anything else all summer long. I am not one of those, I don’t like rocks, leaves, and sticks in my shoes.
  • Umbrella-Yes, I recognize that you don’t WEAR an umbrella but many may bring them to use. BAD IDEA. There are rare days in Alaska when you can use an actual umbrella, wind, and rain go hand in hand. Nothing will give you a bigger false sense of security than an umbrella in Alaska, in a storm.

So there we go, that’s a good list of What NOT to Pack for a Trip to Alaska. Read my other Alaska posts:

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what NOT to pack for a trip to Alaska
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