Ice Fishing Lessons From my Dad

Ice Fishing Lessons From my Dad

This trip down memory lane is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of FoodSaver®; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I have some solidly good memories of my dad. Some of the very best I have of my dad are the times we went ice fishing as a family. Let me tell you, Alaska in the 70s, in the middle of winter, ice fishing on a windswept lake was a bleak affair. That didn’t stop our family though.

We’d cheerfully pack up everything we needed for an afternoon on the ice and head out as often as we possibly could. Sure it was cold, sure we sat on the ice staring at an 8-inch wide hole in the ice but let me tell you those were truly the best of times.

Laura Ice Fishing Alaska 1972

Story Time!

Often while watching for our fishing poles to dip indicating a nibble my mom and dad would tell us stories about growing up in the 30s and 40s. My mom grew up in Tok in a highway camp and my dad was one of 12 kids in his family growing up in Canada. Boy, they had stories to tell! Or we’d hear stories about things that happened with our aunts and uncles before we were born. We laughed and marveled at how different these well-known adults seemed in these memories.

Laura Ice Fishing 1978

Keep on Fishing!

We’d stay on the ice, fishing until we’d caught enough fish for dinner OR it got dark. Winter in Alaska means dark comes early, about mid-afternoon, but my dad meant for us to stay until we’d caught as many fish as we could possibly eat for dinner that night. It was always a race to fill the bucket with fish before the sun started to go down.

GameSaver® Big Game™

Then again you didn’t want too many fish because we didn’t have a way to freeze them for later use. If we’d only had the GameSaver® Big Game™ Vacuum Sealing System, we could have
frozen them for enjoying later on. You can learn a lot about a person by going ice fishing with them. I learned perseverance and to have a sense of humor spending those days on the ice with my family.

GameSaver® Big Game™

Plan Your Next Ice Fishing Trip

GameSaver® Big Game™

It’s time to grab your Big Game™ and plan an ice fishing trip (for the proper time of year, of
course) because I’ve created a list of tips I learned from my dad that will make your next ice fishing trip fun for the whole family:

● you don’t need a fancy shelter to go ice fishing so don’t let that stop you
● dress for the weather AND for standing on ice for a couple of hours, so snow gear, plus
extra socks and extra gloves because yours will probably get wet
● you will need an ice auger – you can make a sharp hand crank auger work for you in no
time at all
● a strainer to get the ice chunks out of the hole
● up here in Alaska, the old timers like to “chum the hole” – what does that even mean? It
means dropping in little bits of food to attract the trout under the ice-typically this is
canned shrimp or canned corn-the idea being that you give the fish a little taste of food,
then hook them on the next bite
● bring something to sit on – a bucket or a milk crate work wonders because you can carry
and pack your ice fishing gear in them
● ice fishing poles and gear, check with your local Fish and Game office to see what’s legal in your area, or often times fishing gear shops will know just what you need. If
you’re on a budget be sure to let them know.
● if you have ice skates bring them, you’re on a lake why not use it?

GameSaver® Big Game™

Go Big

Now you’re going to want a Big Game™ to seal up and freeze those tasty little trout.  With the Big Game™, you can plug it in at home OR on the go. You can seal up to 80 bags in a row without slowing down to let your Big Game™ reheat, imagine how fast you can put your special catch away. Pair it with the GameSaver® Heat-Seal Bags and Rolls and your catch will stay fresher up to 5 times as long compared to ordinary storage methods. Which means you could be eating winter lake trout in the summer and enjoying all those good memories again and

GameSaver® Big Game™

After writing this post I realize we need to take our kids ice fishing next winter. We haven’t gone enough and they are in serious need of some stories about their aunts and uncles. Maybe that one about my cousins shooting the only hockey puck we had with us straight down the ice fishing hole? Or maybe the time we left the lake and an airplane came in on skis and crashed, right through the ice where we’d just been fishing?

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