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Multigrain Bread Recipes

Multigrain Bread Recipes to Make When You Can’t Find White Flour or you don’t HAVE white flour. Wholegrain, mixed grains, and alternate flour bread recipes to get you back to baking at home!

I know a lot of us are struggling right now to find white flour or bread flour. I hear your frustrations. Our stores have limited purchases to one or two items per family.

If you’re having a hard time finding flour, regular white wheat flour or even bread flour for bread baking, try alternative grains. That’s what this post is all about, multigrain bread baking.

Where to Find Multigrain or Alternative Grains Flours

You can find all these flours in your baking aisle. They’re usually on the periphery of main sections where wheat flour is sold. Your store may carry one or two alternate kinds of flour here.

If your store doesn’t have ANY alternate flours in the baking aisle hed to the natural foods section. There should be a fairly large selection of alternate flours. Read through these multigrain recipes below to see find a couple for flour ideas to add to your next list.

When you get to order OR go to the store next time be sure to have your list handy so you can get a few bags of flour you can bake bread with.

Where to Buy Multigrain or Alternative Grains Flours Online

OR you can order online. Bob’s Red Mill has a lot of alternate flours to make multigrain bread recipes that seem to be available right now. OR you can find them on Amazon as well in the Bob’s Red Mill Store. They’ve got some flours in stock. One more place to look for flour would be King Arthur Flour, they seem to have items coming in and out of availability every day. And some have said early morning is the time to shop.

If you’re looking for YEAST and it’s been hard to find check out King Arthur Flour, as of this morning 3/26/2020 they had yeast IN STOCK but with limits on purchases.

BUT while you wait for shipping check out my post on Yeast Free Bread Recipes, there’s over 50 to choose from!

Multigrain Bread Recipes

Here's 21 Multigrain Bread Recipes to get you baking again. You'll need to find some alternative flours but I bet you have at least one or two in you pantry already.

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