Egg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs

Egg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs

Turn all those extra plastic Easter eggs you don’t know what to do with into really cute Egg Cups you can use in a multitude of ways. You need plastic eggs, a glue gun and a little spray paint and you’re well on your way to making Egg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs. Great for kids, gift giving and even decorating!

Egg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you but I’ve got a ton of plastic eggs hanging out at my house. I’m not actually sure where they came from or why I have so many when I only have 2 kids left at home. I feel like I keep giving them away to friends who are brave enough host egg hunts, in Alaska, in the spring. Yet the supply doesn’t seem to be reduced. I’m assuming they’re the “hangers in a dark closet” of the holiday world, pack them away and the multiply judiciously. So what do you do with so many eggs? Figure out another way to use them of course, best if used with glue guns and spray paint, challenge accepted!

BUT I wanted to make something I could giveaway and the recipient could use this year and for the next few years if they were so inclined. I didn’t want it to be a one hit wonder and get tossed out. So Egg Cups from plastic Easter Eggs were born. And they were partially inspired by Alli from Made with Happy and her adorable little flower pots.

I started with a bowl of plastic eggs that is still suspiciously full. I started gluing plastic eggs together, I didn’t even bother to match the colors. Then I pulled out my trusty spray paint, went outside where it was miraculously warm enough to use it (will wonders never cease!) and got busy spraying egg cups.

You can use these in so many ways too. Fill them with Easter candy, almonds or other little treats. Or fill with soil and plant wheat grass in them. Or use them as place cards for the dinner table. Give them to kids to decorate.

Egg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs

you will need: plastic eggs, hot glue, spray paint in various colors

  • glue eggs together point to point, I like to put a rather generous dab of hot glue so it doesn’t look precarious
  • let them cool
  • spray paint in your favorite colors
  • use as desiredEgg Cups from Plastic Easter Eggs


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