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How to Regrow Amaryllis Bulbs

How to Regrow Amaryllis Bulbs

I love to give a blooming or near ready to bloom Amaryllis as Christmas gift but did you know those bulbs can be regrown for many years? It’s true! There is no need to throw out those ugly bulbs after the flowers have bloomed, they can easily stored and planted again next year, and the year after, they don’t last forever but they will grow for several seasons.


Gift Giving

I am the sort that loves to give presents to my friends, my husband’s coworkers and the boy’s teachers but I never want to give them something they’re saddled with. Something they have to keep in case I ask about it or worse yet something they have to dust, so giving a blooming bulb is pretty much my number one gift idea. Sometimes I change out the pot and make it a nice one and sometimes I just use the cheap plastic pot, it really depends on how much energy I actually have.

This year when I hand out blooming bulbs all potted up and fat with blooms I’m going to be handing out a card with instructions on how to regrow those bulbs again and again. It’s so easy, takes up very little space and it feels good because you’re not chucking out a perfectly good flower bulb. Plus if I give a bulb to a friend they can regrow it year after year and it’s just keeps looking better and better.

DISCLAIMER: Occasionally I’ve had the bulbs NOT BLOOM, it happens and I think it might happen because the bulb didn’t get sufficiently cold and/or it didn’t get enough darkness. I’m no expert just a mom trying to save a couple bucks.

It’s simple to regrow the Amaryllis Bulbs watch my video with all the details but be aware it’s shaky and weird looking-it looked fine on iMovie but once I loaded it on youtube it’s weird looking but still worth a view.



OR just read through the steps below:

  1. let the blooming bulb flower as it normally would
  2. snip off the dead flowers
  3. water the bulb and set it somewhere out of the way until late summer, it may flop over but that’s ok, water sparsely
  4. alternately you can plant it outside, it will not flower but it adds interest to a flower bed and you won’t have to look at it indoors
  5. early September dig the bulbs, trim the foliage, knock off most of the dirt and slip the bulb(s) in a paper or plastic bag, fold loosely to let air circulate
  6. mid to late November pull the bulbs, replant them and water them generously–you can re-use the cocoa peat from the previous year but add a little fresh growing medium to it, best to use one with a little fertilizer in it as well
  7. water and set in a sunny spot and watch them grow
  8. repeat steps 1-7 to regrow the bulb again and again

Maybe you’re inspired to keep a regrow your bulbs next year? Or better yet give the gift of flowering bulbs this year. I went ahead and created a little “how to regrow this bulb” slip to add to your gift if you choose to give flowering bulbs this year. It looks like this

how to regrow amaryllises

Just click to download, print and trim.

What’s your favorite no fuss no muss present idea?

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