Roasted Artichokes

Roasted Artichokes

Are you still boiling artichokes?? You’re doing it wrong! There is a better way to cook an artichoke my friends and it produces superior tasting artichokes. Roasted Artichoke actually even easier than boiling artichokes too.

I recently received a case of artichokes that I won last fall from Ocean Mist Farm during Fresh Summit, man have we loved those artichokes. First I boiled a few and served them with snail butter. Then I steamed a couple and served them with just plain butter. I finally roasted the remaining few last week and served them with nothing. I’d totally forgotten to get butter out to thaw and we didn’t have mayonnaise so I served them just roasted and plain. They were far and away the tastiest of all three batches of artichokes. The roasting just brings out the best of the artichokes, it seems as if the flavor intensifies during roasting somehow. And they were dry, which is nice, when you boil or steam there’s always water in them and they get drippy and, duh, watery.

To roast artichokes is very simple.

  1. Trim the stem off so they sit flat
  2. Trim off the tips of the leaves to get off the little claw hook
  3. Cut off the top third or so of the leaves
  4.  Voila done and ready to roast. I’ve heard you can go a step further and pull out the fuzzy choke inside and then cook them but I’ve never done it.
  5. place them in a small baking dish
  6. cover with foil
  7. pop in a 350˚ oven for 60 minutes or so
Obviously, if you need to be thrifty with your gas or electric bill, then make these when the oven is already running or use your toaster oven.
Serve with any dipping sauce you love to love, make snail butter you won’t regret it!

Oh should add these were a PRIZE I won at Fresh Summit last fall, I was not paid to write about them.


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10 thoughts on “Roasted Artichokes”

  1. Artichokes are my all time favorite veggie but I never dreamed of roasting it. I will try it, roasting brings out all the natural sugars in veggies, which is why they are so flavorful. No extra calories, just extra flavor!

    • Well there's the answer, I thought that was what was going on but sometimes you read things and only half remember them. I LOVE roasted everything! Especially green beans and brussels sprouts!

  2. my mom was just asking about roasting artichokes (we always boiled them) so I sent the link to her. Will try it myself, too!

  3. my mom was just asking about roasting artichokes (we always boiled them) so I sent the link to her. Will try it myself, too!


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