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How to Make {another} Paper Window Star {giveaway post}

 My friend Nadja over at Willing Thinking Feeling sent me the directions to make this star. I love the way it turned out and asked if I could expand her directions and make a post about them. Lucky for you she said yes. You really should hop on over and see all the lovely stars she has made.

I will not kid you, the first time I made one it took 2 hours. Now I think I have it down and it’s easy. But I cried a bit, cursed and kept at it until I made it, I expect you to do the same. 

 You will need 5 sheets of kite paper to make this star. I bought mine off of ebay for a pretty good price and the shipping was quick.

 I chose to use all purple but you can use any color you want.

 fold in half diagonally

 open and then fold in half again

 open and lay flat in front of you like so

 fold one half over to the center line like this

then unfold 

 then fold that piece in half over to the crease you just made

and fold again on the crease

repeat on the other side

then it’s time to work on the other end-you’ll be folding it the same way just smaller on this end-fold it over to the center

then open, fold it to the crease and then again

repeat on the other side

it will look like this

then fold the left point up to the center fold line

fold the right point to the center

then to make the points on each side-take the flat ends and fold each side to the center line

 on each side

 admire with the sunset coming through it

I glue down the tips and fold to keep them nice and tight-this one needs it’s tips glued

now that you’ve cried, cursed me and come back for more, just make four more of these and glue them with a glue stick and you’ll have this

leave me a comment to win your own paper star– I’ll pick a winner on Saturday!

Peace and Love–

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5 thoughts on “How to Make {another} Paper Window Star {giveaway post}”

  1. What an awesome tutorial!!! No way in *#&#*@) I could have followed those instructions in print. I just love the boys paper creations in that first photo. Well done.

  2. So pretty!! I always get so annoyed with oragami. The past 2 times I've flied the Skymall mag has had origami instructions for a dollar bill and it took me about the whole flight to figure it out WITH J's occasional help. haha


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