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Friday Frenzy 11/17/17

It’s FRIDAY! I don’t usually feel that way, I mean to me Friday is just another day really. But for some reason THIS week I’m excited about it. Maybe it’s because our basement flooded on Monday morning, or the check engine light keeps coming on... read more
Warm Winter Mulling Spices

Warm Winter Mulling Spices

Warm Winter Mulling Spices The last Palmer Food Swap was a complete hit! We had new swappers, new foods and lots of old favorites too, the best kind of swap. I went in a little worreid because I always arrange the swap on a Facebook event and only 8 people had... read more

Friday Frenzy 11/10/17

FRIDAY FRENZY I spent part of the week in Seattle and it’s left me a wee bit addled. I’m not even sure what day it is and WHY are my kids home from school? Ah yes Veteran’s Day. Ok I’m slowly unpacking from our trip, cleaning house, restocking... read more

Friday Frenzy 10/27

Hi friends! Sorry I missed the link up from last week but I’ve been SO sick you just wouldn’t believe it. I’ll tell you more about that later but for now here’s the Friday Frenzy for this week.   Welcome to the Friday Frenzy, the Best Food... read more
Wacky Cake

Wacky Cake

Wacky Cake is a cake made without milk, butter or eggs and it’s extremely versatile. You can make one big cake, two layers, frost it or leave it plain.

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Homemade Instant Mocha Mix

Homemade Instant Mocha Mix

Homemade Instant Mocha Mix, so easy to make and absolutely flexible. You can make up a batch and drink it for yourself OR have kids make it for gifts for teachers. Plus it’s perfect for anyone with a dairy allergy, it can be made with any milk you’re able to drink.

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Friday Frenzy for Friday the 13th

  IĀ  have to apologize, this post is late, it’s already Saturday and I’m JUST now getting the Friday Frenzy up and running. I have been so darn busy this week, getting ready for New Orleans in a few days and celebrating our middle son’s 14th... read more

October Friday Frenzy

October Friday Frenzy Well there’s snow halfway down the mountain here in our little home town of Palmer Alaska. SNOW. Not on the ground here but it’s up there and heading for us. Must be October in Alaska. Halloween is always hit or miss for costumes and... read more

Fall Friday Frenzy

Well it’s gone from warm, beautiful and fall to cold rainy and fall in the span of a week. How is the weather where you live? Is it eve fall yet? Wait never mind I probably DON’T want to know.   Welcome to the Friday Frenzy, the Best Food and Craft... read more

Friday Frenzy

It’s been a long and sick week around here. I’m glad it’s Friday and we’re on to the weekend and HOPEFULLY a better week next week. I’m also glad it’s Friday and it’s time for some inspiration–I NEED it! Link ’em... read more

Friday Frenzy

Oh my goodness fall is definitely kicking in! Everyday it’s a little colder in the morning. I keep expecting frost but so far SO good, no frost. I love it when we get a few extra days. Our usual frost free days run from Memorial Day to Labor Day so this is like... read more

September Friday Frenzy

And now it’s September, how did that happen?! I know it has felt like fall since the kids went back to school but now that it’s September it feels like fall. I heard the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are BACK NOW. Excuse me I need to run to Starbucks ASAP,... read more

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