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Stanley Classics Makes Outdoor Fun Warm and Tasty

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the Stanley Brand, all opinions are mine.

Over the course of the last year, we’ve all rekindled our love of the outdoors, choosing socially distant celebrations to keep our family and friends safe. Whether it was a weekly family hike, or rediscovering a long-forgotten hobby like birdwatching or geocaching, people chose intimate outdoor gatherings, road trips, and backyard staycations and fell in love with the outdoors all over again. Stanley brand food and beverage gear has been accompanying outdoor enthusiasts with a line of sustainable food and beverage gear since 1913. Whether it was keeping your grandpa’s black coffee steaming hot while he worked from his dusty workbench or helping best girlfriends celebrate an engagement with an ice-cold champagne toast on a glamping trip, Stanley products have stood the test of time.

Warm-up to family time with the Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press

As British educator Charlotte Mason so eloquently stated, “Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.” This is a sentiment our family shares, even on the coldest days. In fact, short of the risk of avalanche here in Alaska, we prefer to be outdoors sledding in the mountains or backyard enjoying the firepit and one another’s company. Getting out during the cold, wintry weather may not sound like everyone’s favorite way to spend family time, but when you’re well-prepared, there’s little reason to stay indoors.

Preparation means having everything you need at an arms-length. With one less thing to worry about you can spend time connecting and enjoying time with your loved ones. A recent backyard family adventure found us cozied up by the firepit, cinnamon rolls in hand, and steaming hot coffee in our cups.

The Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press is the perfect accompaniment for such an adventure. Grab the kids and tell them to invite a few friends to the firepit. This 48 oz. capacity French press is perfect for a crowd and delivers a bold cup of joe that stays steaming hot for hours. Stanley’s signature vacuum insulation ensures the last pour is just as hot as the first. And, don’t worry if your kids’ friends happen to bump into it trying out the latest Tik Tok dance routine; the Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press is built to last.

The French press is perfect for at-home use too. Spending the weekend binge-watching your favorite streaming series with the family? Keep everyone caffeinated and awake for hours on end.  Hunkered down in your remote work area putting the finishing touches on that work project? The Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press will keep you fueled and functional.

Or Pack an On-the-Go S’mores Kit in the Stanley Classic Lunch Box

The Stanley 5.5 quart Classic Lunch Box is the perfect vessel for S’mores supplies. Whether you take it on your next camping trip or just tote it out to the backyard, it keeps everything you need for gooey S’mores goodness close at hand.

Simply stack a few chocolate bars (or peanut butter cups, if you’re extra) on the bottom along with a sleeve or two of graham crackers, top with a bag of marshmallows and you’re good to go. What’s more, the Stanley Trigger-Action Travel Mug, or vacuum bottle filled with hot cocoa, tucks into the top part of the lunch box perfectly.

Extend Outdoor Family Adventures With Stanley

With kids spending so much time in front of screens, especially in the last year with Zoom classes and online learning, getting them outdoors as much as possible has become a challenge for many families. The 1000 Hours Outdoors initiative by Ginny Yurich is one way many families are combatting screen time. Even before the global pandemic, the average child spent approximately 1,200 hours each year, staring at a screen. Looking to combat those numbers, 1000 Hours Outdoors founder, challenges families to match screen time with nature time. As a parent, you may be intrigued by this initiative, but of course, getting the kids outside is one thing, keeping them there, is quite the other.

If there’s one thing any parent knows it’s that keeping kids, no matter their age, fed, is the key to familial bliss. Whether it’s a quick after-nap trip to the local playground or a 2-mile family weekend hike, keeping those stomachs full is a top priority. 

The Stanley Classic 10 qt. Lunch Box is roomy enough to hold all of your family’s favorite sandwich ingredients. The lunch box keeps everything fresh and cold until you’re ready to eat. There’s space for a vacuum bottle as well. Fill the lunch box with quick outdoor picnic classics like cheese, ham, crackers, grapes, and sliced apples. Set out on an afternoon hike, to get in a few hours of outdoor time to add to your yearly tally.

If it’s a cold wintry day, the Stanley Classic Stainless Legendary Food Jar will keep your favorite soup hot for up to eight hours. There’s no need to worry about leaks or spills, so load it up with this Instant Pot Coconut Butternut Squash Soup: perfect for sipping on a brisk day.

No Matter the Season Choose Stanley Brand Food and Beverage Gear

Stanley food and beverage gear is also the perfect accompaniment to your outdoor warm-weather family adventures. If you’re staying close to home in lieu of travel, consider a backyard staycation. Set up some lawn games and an outdoor projection screen for the family. Gather with friends outdoors to host a socially distant Spring birthday or honor a summer anniversary with relatives.

Take Stanley brand food and beverage gear along for the celebration. Products like the 2 Gallon Stanley Adventure Fast Flow Water Jug will keep the lemonade or sweet tea flowing. Sports fans will appreciate an outdoor game day gathering with Stanley products. Make ‘home-gating’ a thing with the Adventure Pre-Party Shot Glass & Flask Set.

Making memories with family and friends while keeping everyone safe and socially distant is a priority for our family. With Stanley products at the ready, we’re able to outfit our gatherings with rugged yet stylish drinkware for the outdoors. This allows us to commemorate those special everyday moments and special celebrations with the people we care about most.

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