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Yeast Free Bread Recipes

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Here’s a fabulous collection of Yeast Free Bread Recipes to get you through times when you find out you don’t have yeast. Or worse, can’t EAT yeast.

How to Make Bread Without Yeast

It IS possible! I didn’t think it was something you could do but looking over these recipes I see that you CAN make bread without yeast. Then I started realizing that’s I’ve made bread without yeast, Naan Bread and Biscuits, plus soda bread and quick bread!

Of course, it won’t be classic french bread or a Cottage Loaf but it will be bread. You can make do with a yeast-free bread if you just put your mind to it!

Make your OWN Naan at home using Paul Hollywood's Naan Bread Recipe which I've converted to American Style Measurements for easy baking in the USA. #paulhollywoodbread #naanbread #makenaanathome #PaulHollywood'sNaanBreadRecipe #GBBO #GBBOpaulhollywood

No Yeast Bread

This collection of recipes for no yeast bread is going to blow your doors off. It’s full of traditional style bread, flatbreads, quick bread, soda bread, and EVEN CINNAMON ROLLS. So grab your flour, get out the mixer, and let’s BAKE up some no yeast bread!

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YES! You can pull out your old sourdough starter, get it fed and bubbling and make a lot of recipes with it. It DOES contain yeast, technically, but you don’t add yeast to the dough so I didn’t include those recipes in this post.

There are tons of recipes for sourdough everything out there. So I urge you if you have an old neglected starter, pull it out and give it some love.

How to Revitalize Your Old Sourdough

This is what I do to get my starter back to it’s fighting fit self:

  • pour off any liquid
  • if it’s really nasty I scoop out a small spoonful and put it in a fresh jar and then proceed with the following directions
  • add 3 spoonfuls of flour
  • stir in 2 spoonfuls of warm water
  • stir and cover lightly and keep on the counter
  • the next I pour out half of it, and repeat the feeding
  • I do this for about week before I feel like it’s ready to make bread

That’s what I do, you can follow any instructions that you choose.

Use your food dollars wisely!

Did you buy a bunch of Dry Beans and you’re wondering what to do with them? Here’s a post with 40+ Bean Recipes to get you baking! And I’ve got one for Lentil Recipes too.

Yeast Free Bread Recipes

No Yeast? No Problem!

All the bread recipes listed here are yeast-free. A couple called for nutritional yeast but that's different than yeast to make bread rise, it's for flavor.

Flat Breads

Here's a variety of flatbread recipes to choose from. We've got Naan, Indian Fry Bread, PIZZA DOUGH, and so much more!

Biscuit Recipes 

Biscuits are my usual go-to for a quick bread to have with dinner. We've got lots of interesting biscuits to choose from!

Quick Breads

We all know about sweet quick bread but did you there are savory quick bread recipes too? Some of them even make great sandwich bread! Check them out!

Cornbread Recipes

Cornbread is YEAST free, and I love cornbread, don't you? There's a lot of great recipes to get you baking. And yes all without yeast!

Cinnamon Rolls

YES omgosh there are actually cinnamon rolls without yeast. Here's a couple to tempt you!

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