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A Collection of Tasty Lentil Recipes

Need some new Lentil Recipes? This post is full of tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian lentil recipes!

If you’re digging into your pantry because of quarantine fears just know that I understand how your feelings. A lot of us are feeling the very same thing. Take care of yourself, take care of the people you love, take care of the people around you.

a collection of lentil recipes

So you’ve got a bag of lentils, or you maybe have 10 bags of lentils, but now what? What recipes were you planning to make? Do they seem old and boring?

HAVE NO FEAR I have Lentil Recipes For You!

What were you planning on making with lentils? Do you need some new Lentil Recipes? I have you covered my friends! This collection of lentil recipes is sure to have a recipe that will grab your attention!

Vegetarian Lentil Recipes

There are a LOT of vegetarian recipes to choose from here. From soups to Indian dishes to meat replacements. We’ve got something for everyone.

And if you’re a meat-eater?

We have Non-Vegetarian Ideas too

Yes, you can cook and serve lentils with meat! That’s a double punch of protein for you!

What are lentils? This Cooking Light article has a lot of good information on Lentils and why you want to include them in your diet. Give it a read!

How to Cook Lentils

Unlike beans, lentils practically cook themselves. No soaking or pre-boiling needed! You can add them to soups and let them cook down to a mush. OR cook them until they are just fork tender for a side dish!

a collection of lentil recipes

A collection Of Lentil Recipes

This list of delicious Lentil Recipes includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Enjoy!

Vegetarian Lentil Recipes 

Be sure to scroll down for NON-vegetarian lentil recipes!

Non-Vegetarian Lentil Recipes

These are fun recipes that combine the pantry staple lentils with meats for flavorful nutritious dishes!

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