When you’re traveling sometimes you need to carry cash and whether it’s regular currency or foreign currency it needs to be kept safe. On our last trip, a big one to Europe which I haven’t even written about here yet, my kids were given some cash to spend. I needed a way to make sure it stayed safe. Of course I didn’t recognize this until it was literally 12 hours from departure and I wasn’t going to go running out to find some sort of portable safe. I needed something I put a little money in and stash it away in my suitcase like it was just something normal.diy-travel-safe

I am not a paranoid person but I’d read plenty of horror stories about folks getting ripped off by pickpockets, hotel room thefts, and apartment break-ins so I wanted to be safe without going overboard. I started searching the house for something I stash some cash in that wouldn’t immediately scream “HIDDEN MONEY!”.

I was feeling pretty defeated by this search until I saw the new deodorant sitting right next to my old deodorant. Perfect! Who would look in a deodorant container? I mean who would right? It just looks like you’ve packed an extra for the trip except the “new one” is actually the old one holding a little spending money.

Portable Travel Safe

Which is Which?

Confused? Don’t be, I’ll explain everything.

DIY Portable Travel Safe

  • buy a new deodorant exactly like your old deodorant–doesn’t matter what kind as long as it’s a solid and it has a top cap under the lid
  • finish the old deodorant up as much as possible which is why it might be a good thing to think about this project before you go on your next trip
  • remove the last bits of the old deodorant and wipe out the container
  • slide in your cash
  • cover the cash with the little topper lid that fits under the cap
  • voila your DIY Portable Travel Safe is done

I wouldn’t recommend flying with cash stashed in your DIY Portable Travel Safe though, make sure you carry it safely with you or it may get stolen from your luggage. There was one flight, out of ten, that I didn’t take the money out and carry it with me, and it made it through just fine but I’m sure I wouldn’t do that on a regular basis.