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DIY Valentine’s Day Dishtowels

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Looking for something totally unique and one of a kind this Valentine’s Day? Whip up a set of these sweet foodie-themed DIY Valentine Day Dishtowels! You need less than 30 minutes, a Cricut machine, flour sack towels, and the Cricut EasyPress.

Use the Cricut and EasyPress to Make These Sweet Dishtowels

So cute, right?

If you’ve never used a Cricut machine, no worries, they are so darn easy you’ll feel like a pro in no time at all. They’re specifically set up to walk you through each step along the way so you can feel crafty and have fun doing it.

for this EASY DIY Valentine's Day Dishtowel Project you will need a Cricut AND the EasyPress

Plus with my easy to follow project instructions along with photos, you’re sure to produce some winning DIY Dishtowels.

DIY Valentines Day Dishtowel Project with the Cricut

My DIY Foodie Dishtowels are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the foodie in your life. I mean who wouldn’t want a set of these?? If they love to bake or cook, these flour sack towels are meant just for them. In fact, I’m giving these to me this year so I’m sure to get what I want for Valentine’s Day! If my husband is reading this, that’s a JOKE.

Foodie Themed Dishtowels

DIY Dishtowel Project

When I first got the Circut Explore Air2 I had no idea what was in store for me. I’d always seen these handy machines in the store but I was intimidated by them. Little did I know HOW EASY THEY ARE. If I did, I’d have been using one for years.

Example: These DIY Valentine Treat Boxes are one of my FIRST projects and YEAH I still think they’re amazing!

DIY Valentine Treats

Takeaway: Don’t let things you don’t understand intimidate you, always be ready to figure things out

So I had to remember that takeaway when it came time for me to start learning how to use the EasyPress. Again, it looked like something I had no right to be using. But after my wonderful experience with the Cricut, I jumped right in.

Glad I did because basically the EasyPress turns making your own t-shirts, book bags, dish towels, a fun afternoon project. In the past when I wanted to design a t-shirt I had to get my husband to help me convert a file and make sure it was perfect and then send off money to a company to print it up.

And then wait and wait and wait for the delivery to Alaska.

The Cricut EasyPress is a GameChanger

Not anymore, I designed my DIY Dish Towels in about an hour. (and I used plain white flour sack towels) Let’s be honest it took that long because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do! And then I cut out the vinyl with the Cricut and peeled up the excess. Then I used the Easy Press to transfer the vinyl to the dishtowels, and boom, my own custom dishtowels.

You can make them too! If you have a Circut or you buy one, and the Easy Press, you can use this file link to my designs, two of them, on the Cricut website and make your own set.

To Make Your Own DIY Valentine’s Day Dishtowels You Will Need:

Customize Your DIY Dish Towels

And then before you make yourself some DIY Dish Towels don’t forget to hit customize it to change up the size OR the design. YES, it’s that easy!

Did someone ask for Step By Step Directions to make your own dishtowels?? Here you go!

Yield: 2 Towels

DIY Dishtowels

DIY Dishtowels

This easy

Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Cooling  Time 2 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes


  • 2 Flour Sack Towels, washed and dried
  • Cricut Brand Iron On Vinyl in the colors of your choice-I used red and pink


  • Cricut Explore Air2
  • Cricut Easy Press
  • Cricut Weeding Tool
  • Cricut Cutting Blade


  1. Set up the Cricut Explore Air2 and connect it to your computer for this EASY DIY Valentine's Day Dishtowel Project you will need a Cricut AND the EasyPress
  2. navigate to Cricut.com and grab the links to my DIY Valentines Day Towels, There are two of them "You Take The Cake" and "You're the Cup to My Cake"
  3. From here the directions are exactly the same for both of the towels so you'll see photos from You Take the Cake
  4. Once you've opened the project, click Make it or Customize it which allows you to make the project more to your liking
  5. Once you're ready to make it hit Make It
  6. On the Make It screen be sure to hit MIRROR which will cut the design out in the reverse so it's ready to Iron-On
  7. Load your Cricut Mat with the material you're using, and put in the cutting blade if you don't already have it loaded up
  8. Choose your material by turning the dial to Custom on the Cricut Machine and selecting on your computer exactly which material you're cutting

  9. Hit the Flashing Arrows Button to feed in the mat
  10. Then press the flashing Cricut Button and let the Cricut do its thing
  11. Once it's done it's time to weed your design, which simply means pick out all the pieces you DON'T want to be transferred to your dish towel
  12. be sure to pick out even the smallest bits
  13. now you're ready to Easy Press your design
  14. plug it in and set it the correct temperature by pressing the thermometer button and toggling up the heat buttons on the right side, set the temperature at 330˚
  15. Then set your time the same way, you want to press this for 30 seconds , then you'll flip it and press the whole thing again for 15 seconds
  16. lay your Cricut Pad down on the table, lay the dish towel over it
  17. lay the vinyl face down where you want it, I put mine on the corner but do yours however you like it
  18. when the Easy Press is hot set it on top of the design and hold it steady, don't press down and don't move it around
  19. once the timer dings off your project is almost done, simply flip the towel and the vinyl over and press again for 15 seconds
  20. let it cool slightly and gently peel off the plastic coating your design was on, be sure you work slowly and don't just rip it off

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