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Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs

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These quick and easy to make Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs make for some of the best Halloween Dessert or Halloween Party Food. They’re creepy and tasty!

Plus they’re easy enough to make that kids can make them during a Halloween Party and then eat them when they’re done. My favorite kind of kid craft!

And I don’t know about you but how much fun would these Doughnut Hole Eyeballs be for a funny office treat? If only I had an office…

Quick and Easy Halloween Craft Food

I love crafts that turn into foods, don’t you? Let kids go with a little frosting or gel, add some candy eyes, doughnut holes and boom a craft! And then a snack! And nothing to take home and “treasure.”

Look I love some of the things my kids make, but I just can’t take the neverending “crafting for the sake of busy-ness” that so many moms and dads buy into these days.

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs, Creepy But Not Too Creepy

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs are for everyone too. Not JUST for kids. Not just for creepy office eats. Make them for any party you’ve got going on this year, and everyone will be happily creeped out. Put two on skewers for party presentation. Or plop them in a set of vampire teeth and hand them out for Halloween fun.

You will need candy eyeballs for these doughnut hole eyeballs, you can find them in Target or most box stores in the Halloween or baking aisles. Or grab them from my Amazon Affiliate Link. 

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs

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Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs
Yield: 18 doughnut holes

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs

Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs

These quick and easy to make Halloween Doughnut Hole Eyeballs make for some of the best Halloween Dessert or Halloween Party Food, creepy and tasty!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


  • 18 doughnut holes
  • 1 tube red gel frosting, use white or any color you like
  • 36 candy eyeballs


  1. let the doughnut holes roll around to find the flattest bottom of the circle
  2. for each eyeball place on dot of gel or frosting on the doughnut hole
  3. place a candy eye the gel
  4. repeat with remaining doughnut holes
  5. let set for at least 30 minutes to let the frosting set up
  6. alternately if kids are eating them for their snack just let them eat away, no need to wait

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