Dandelion Jelly

Before you weed whip the edges of your lawn again, you really should whip up this recipe for Dandelion Jelly. I spent about half an hour picking and plucking dandelions to get the needed two cups to make jelly. The whole process was relatively easy start to finish, and the resulting jelly is like the best part of the smell of dandelions with a sweet edge.

My recipe uses Pomona Pectin which is the only pectin I use anymore. I love it because you can use honey or sugar or no sweetener at all in your jelly or jam and it will still set up. Plus they encourage you to to be adventurous and make your recipes up, I love that, and it’s just what I did.

You’ll need these items for making jelly:

  •  something to strain the dandelion petals
  • jars, lids, rings
  • canning pot, a funnel, and a damp rag to wipe the rims of jars



Dandelion Jelly

this recipe is a two-step recipe of the soaking petals and then making the jelly later
2 cups dandelion petals, picked the petals off the bud
2 cups boiling water
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
Two teaspoons calcium water-from Pomona Pectin package
2/3 cup of sugar
Two teaspoons Pomona Pectin powder

pick over the dandelion petals  you don’t want any greens leaves or bud parts only as much yellow as possible
place in a large nonreactive mixing bowl
boil water and pour two full cups over the petals
cover and let the petals steep for at least two hours I let mine steep 8 hours
drain through cheesecloth or a couple of coffee filters in a strainer
while the juice is draining set up your canning pot for a boiling water bath (directions there!), wash jars and fill with hot water and wash lid and rings well and keep hot in a small pan
you should have close to two cups of juice, add water to get to two cups if needed
pour into a medium size heavy bottom pot
add the lemon juice and calcium water
bring to a boil stirring occasionally
mix the sugar and powdered pectin together
when the juice is boiling and can’t be stirred down add the sugar/pectin mixture
stir to make sure the pectin gets completely dissolved
cook and stir for 30 seconds
remove from heat, skim any foam and pour into hot jars
wipe the rim, place a hot lid and a clean ring on the jar and carefully hand tighten(the jar is hot be careful)
process for 5 minutes in a boiling water bath or put in the fridge for immediate use

Mmmm nothing tastes better than weeds that annoy you; I call this revenge eating.


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