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Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide

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For all the bakers in your life that are obsessed with the GBBO here’s my Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide to give you some serious present POW this year.

Jaffa Cake Layers

So here’s a list of items from the tent to thrill any GBBO bakers in your life. Don’t have any? Or you’re the GBBO Baker? Well then drop this hint on your loved ones. If they’re going to give you a gift it might as well be exactly what you need.

A clean shot of the Steamed Pumpkin Pudding with Vanilla Hard Sauce on a wooden background with plates and towels

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The Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide–What to give the GBBO obsessed baker in your life!

  • KitchenAid MIXER
    I think one of the most important items in a baker’s kitchen is a GOOD mixer. In the tent, they use KitchenAid Stand Mixers. Mine’s been running strong for about 10 years and I hope to get another 10 out of it! On the show, they use a 4.5 qt Tilt Head KitchenAid but I have and love the 6qt Professional in Matte Red. Either one will make your baker happy for sure!
  • Magimix Food Processor I’ve done a bit of sleuthing and I think this is the food processor they use on the show. I’ve never used one. DO I want one? YES! But I’ve got a functional food processor for now.
  • Alan Silverwood MultiSize Pan
    This is THE BAKING PAN they use in the tent. I bought one for myself to try it out, and I kind of love it. I can make just about ANY size cake in this thing which makes it versatile and a GBBO kitchen MUST HAVE.
  • Mason Cash Mixing Bowl
    HELLO Beautiful! I was sent one of these big mixing bowls to try out in the kitchen. Did it influence what I’m sharing in this gift guide? NO! because I’d have recommended it anyway because this is one of the bowls they use in the tent. I received baby blue which I wasn’t sure about but it is GORGEOUS. Do you know what else I love about this bowl? DISHWASHER SAFE! Yes, please! Also check out Mason Cash In the Forest Bowl, it’s lovely!
  • Baking Mitts
    These are NOT my favorite kind of baking mitt but they use this style on the show. Are these the EXACT ones they use? I think they are. I did a little digging and came up with the Ulster Brand.
  • Scale
    On the GBBO they use a Smart Weigh scale. I assumed it would be a Salter brand but apparently, this is the one they use.
  • Double Head Spatula
    Again I was sent this with the Mason Cash Bowl and I was under no obligation to share about it. BUT who wouldn’t love this thing? Two ends, large and small, and each end has a flat or rounded side for scraping bowls or flat jars. Pretty slick. It took me a bit to remember to grab it but once I did I love it.

Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide Book Recommendations-Read the GBBO!

There are so many GBBO Cookbooks out there. You can choose from official Great British Baking Show Cookbooks. There are also cook books written by contestants.

The Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide to GBBO Ingredients

Many of the US-Based Great British Baking Show Bake-Along Bakers have a hard time accessing UK baking items. Putting together a box of hard-to-find GBBO ingredients would be the ultimate gift, in MY opinion…Husband are you listening??

  • Sheet Gelatin perfect for all the British Recipes the call for it, you can convert regular gelatin if you need to though
  • Treacle much like molasses Treacle is a sugar by-product with a similar flavor as well
  • Golden Syrup a much called for ingredient note you can not swap this for corn syrup in large amounts, for one to two tablespoons you can though!
  • Stem Ginger this is another popular product called for in British Baking. You can make your own too.
  • Self Raising Flour–This is different than American Self Rising Flour and can make all the difference in GBBO Bakes.
  • Jam Sugar–Yes exactly how it sounds, Sugar for Jam. It comes pre-mixed to make jams with pectin mixed right in the sugar.

And that’s my Great British Bake-Off Gift Guide!

Any thoughts? What should I add? I’m all ears. And do please understand that some of the items listed have switched back and forth throughout the years.

What I listed THIS year may not be what they were using in 2016 or any other season. I tried my best to nail the exact items but as the GBBO is very secretive with their brands it takes a bit of work.

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