Photo of Homemade Spicy Pepperoni

Homemade Spicy Hot Pepperoni Recipe

I finally got around to making and testing out spice levels for a Homemade Spicy Hot Pepperoni, totally clean eating sausage for anyone on Whole30 or the Paleo diet, or into Clean Eating and even for Gluten Free folks.

Easy Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

This Easy Homemade Ground Beef Jerky Recipe is Budget Friendly to make, especially when you have teens and tweens who eat jerky like it’s going out of style. Make a batch and see how easy jerky at home can be!

Plum and Rose Jam

We were given a box of plums, nectarines, pears, and grapes. Since I’d also just bought a case of nectarines and peaches eating them before they went bad was going to be a challenge. I decided to get crazy and whip up a batch of something new to us, Plums and Roses Jam.