Floury Baps for the GBBO

Floury Baps

Freshly Homemade Hamburger Buns or Floury Baps were the technical challenge for Bread Week for the 2019 Great British Baking Show. It was a toss-up for us this week deciding what to set as our Bake-Along Challenge.

Schichttorte 20 Layer Cake

top view of a whole schichttorte

Another GBBO Inspired Bake. Yes, you could say I’m into the GBBO, and you wouldn’t be lying. But Since creating my facebook group Great British Baking Show Bake-Along I’ve never been a happier baker because I get to bake and share with a group of inspired home bakers. And this bake the Schichttorte or 20 Layer Cake is a technical bake for Patisserie Week.