Homemade Sriracha Recipe
If you have a Sriracha lover in your life considering treating them to a whole fresh batch by using this Homemade Sriracha Recipe.
  • 2 pounds sweet pepperseither bell or those mini peppers will work
  • 1/2pound long red peppersthese are a slightly spicy 3-4 inch long pepper
  • 3cups vinegarI use white OR mix it with apple cider vinegar
  • 2 habaneros
  • 12cloves garlicpeeled and chopped
  • 1/2cup Sugarsubstitue honey as desired
  • 1TBSP saltkosher or sea salt are fine here, adjust kosher salt as needed
  1. clean sweet to remove seeds
  2. use scissors to clean up habaneros and red peppers, leave seeds intact if you like it spicy
  3. you’re going to be removing the habaneros so leave as whole as possible
  4. place all the peppers in a heavy dutch oven
  5. mix in the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil
  6. reduce heat and simmer until peppers are soft
  7. cool until it can be handled
  8. if you don’t like the heat remove the habaneros now, they will leave behind SOME of their heat which is perfect for this recipe
  9. then whirl in batches in a food processor
  10. run through a food mill or a sieve to remove skins and seeds
  11. put in a clean sauce pan and cook until you reach the desired consistency
  12. taste your sauce, add more salt or sweetener as needed, I find I almost always need a bit more salt
  13. you can put this in jars and seal them in hot water bath for 10 minutes if want to put them in your pantry
Recipe Notes
  • you will need a food processor and a food mill or a sieve for this recipe-you can skip the food mill if you don’t mind a few seeds and a little bits of pepper skins
  • if you can’t stand ANY heat use ALL sweet peppers and 1-2 jalapenos for a little kick
  • if you LOVE heat leave those habaneros in seeds and all!