Grilled Romaine with Truffle Dressing
  • 2 hearts of romaine
  • 4 caperscrushed, finely chopped *optional leave out if you don’t like capers
  • 1/4 cup truffle mayonnaise
  • 2 TBSP milk
  • 1/4cup parmesanfresh grated
  • 2pinches Fleur de Sel
  1. remove any discolored leaves from the romaine hearts
  2. cut each one in half lengthwise, keeping the heart intact remove any flyaway lettuce leaves
  3. prepare the dressing by mixing the mayonnaise with the milk and capers, if using
  4. to grill the romaine: grill cut side down over medium heat for 3-4 minutes then grill cut side up 2-3 minutes
  5. remove to a platter and drizzled with the dressing, scatter on the shredded cheese and sprinkle with Fleur de Sel, serve immediately
  6. heat grill to medium high heat
Recipe Notes

you’re not looking to cook the romaine until it collapses, just give it a little color and some grill marks, so if your heat is too high be sure to watch for that and remove as necessary