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Why You Need a Robot Vacuum

This is a sponsored post for Trifo but my honest opinion after using the Trifo Max is that everyone needs a Robot Vacuum in their home.

If you’re like almost every working adult you’ve had a stint of working at home lately. I feel like I am EXTRA-qualified to share MY work from home experiences and tell you what you can buy to make it more pleasant.

Trifo Max robo vac for your house with pets.

You NEED a Robot Vacuum

Imagine a little Trifo Vaccum that wakes up with the push of a button, looks around, and gets to work making your home cleaner by doing the vacuuming.

Every day.

  • Dog that sheds ALL THE TIME. Managed.
  • Cat that pulls out its own hair? Dealt with, well the hair part anyway, the cat is another story.
  • Glacier Silt that’s blown in through every tiny crack and crevice in your 80-year-old farmhouse that sits at the confluence of two glacier rivers. SUCKED UP.
  • Leaves, dirt, mud, grass, and so much more gone every single day? YES PLEASE.
  • Working aways in the background allowing YOU to do more of your job at home. That’s what life is like when you own the Trifo Max, the robot vacuum designed to clean houses with dogs!

Trifo Max ALSO has Video Surveillance

And when you’re not home? It’s keeping an eye on what’s happening IN your home. Now for me, that’s not a lot, usually a catfight, or a hairy yellow dog watching squirrels. But it’s nice to know it’s just there, silently watching and no one would ever know.

Ok yes, my kids know. I’m not watching for THEM and they know that. It’s watching our home when we’re not there for anyone who shouldn’t be in our home. And I kind of love that feature most of all.

Large Trifo Max Robo Vac is made to clean up up all the pet hair!

Trifo Max is Smart!

Trifo Robot Vacuums can MAP YOUR HOME meaning it knows where it’s going and where needs to go next. And it can be controlled from the smartphone app so if there’s a particularly dirty spot, I just send the Trifo in to clean it all up. FROM MY PHONE.

Do Robot Vacuums Actually Work?

YES! We have all wood floors, two dogs, two cats, and 4 humans in our little house, and the Trifo Max keeps up with us. The Trifo Max is specially designed to get rid of pet hair, and it works! I run Max almost daily to keep the hair to a minimum. For me, it’s easier to run it daily. Then I don’t have a LOT for it to clean up.

But when we first got the Trifo Max NO ONE (Except me) WAS A BELIEVER. It had to EARN its reputation as one of the best things to come out of 2020. My people were SKEPTICAL but they’re believers now. Also, they have to do a LOT less vacuuming.

Dogs and Trifo Max Pet

One thing we WERE worried about was the dogs. Would they bark at the Trifo Max? Or ignore it? A little bit of both actually. The first time it talked, oh yeah it announces when it kicks on, (don’t worry you can turn down the volume) our dogs were slightly concerned. Not enough to bark, they just needed to figure out where it was coming from, and if it meant food.

And ever since that first time, they hardly notice it. Our older mastiff DOES get miffed when it’s cleaning around her bed. Other than that we’ve had zero dogs versus robot vacuum problems. But as you can see the younger dog, Sunny, the REALLY hairy one, isn’t concerned with it at all. And this is the dog who has an ongoing argument with a squirrel that doesn’t live in our house!

Dog and Trifo Max Robo Vacuum getting along nicely.

She doesn’t like it to come right up to her or bump into her legs. But she doesn’t bark or chase it or make a fuss about it. And let me tell you she RUNS from our big house vacuum. It terrifies her.

The cats on the other hand will NEVER forgive us.

Can the Trifo Max Pet Robot Vacuum Keep Dog Hair Under Control?

Also yes. We are THOSE people who willingly bought a GOLDEN RETRIEVER X YELLOW LABRADOR puppy. If there was ever a crossbreed of the two dogs who shed the absolute most, WE HAVE IT. It’s wild sometimes how much hair she produces. We were vacuuming every other day just to keep up with her. We have a nice big house vacuum and while it was never painful to use it was time-consuming.

No pets? NO PROBLEM!

The Trifo ALSO comes in sizes for non-pet households. There’s Lucy the Original and Emma the Essential Home and Max(Non-Pet)

Tips for Getting the BEST Performance out of Your Robot Vacuum:

  • Pick up before you fire it up, then it’s not running over stuff and trying to eat it
  • EMPTY the dirt collection system before you run it
  • Clean the brushes and wheels often to keep them spinning and free moving so it doesn’t have to stop while it’s working
  • Keep it charged up and ready to roll so you can keep your home clean

Why do I need A Robot Vacuum If I’m Working From Home

For me, one of the HARDEST parts of working from home is being in my home. Sounds weird right? Well it’s hard for a lot of people, to buckle down and work when there’s a mess right in front of you.

But if we can get everyone to clean up after themselves, run the Trifo Max then I can focus on the work I have to do. Working from home isn’t pajamas and coffee, for me, it’s deadlines for clients, deadlines for me, and also balancing my portion of the housework.

And yes everyone pitches in around here, I do not and will not do it alone. In fact, when you raise the kids right, you never do the dishes!

Do You Need The Trifo Max Robot Vacuum?

In my opinion yes, everyone needs one. The Trifo Max can take on the work you don’t have time for, giving you time to do the work you actually get paid for. It can manage messes so your house feels more comfortable to be in. And it watches over your home when you’re not there. What’s NOT to love about it?

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