2020 GBBO Bake-Along Wrap Up

YES! We finally made it to the end of the 2020 Great British Baking Show! Did it feel long to you? Or did it feel like it wasn’t quite what you wanted from the 2020 GBBO? Maybe you felt disconnected from the contestants?

I know I did. And from what I understand a lot of us felt that way. I enjoyed it for sure, but it was different. Not a lot of 2020 makes sense or feels normal, so I GET IT!

Let’s Review the Bake-Along Bakes and get down to the GIVEAWAY!

Week One, Cake Week

And the Bake-Along made Battenberg Cake A tricky one but it sure tasted great!

Week Two

Biscuit Week, and we tackled Florentines There were LOTS of entries in the Bake-Along with this cookie.

One single perfect Florentine Cookie.

Week Three

Bread Week, and we took the Technical on this one, Rainbow Bagels! Some of the bagels coming out of this week were truly beautiful. But there were also a lot of consternation about this bake.

Week Four

This brought us to Chocolate Week, we made Chocolate Babka. And we all felt it when Sura bombed out.

Sliced babka.

Week Five

This brought us to Pastry Week and I shared a good Sturdy Pasty Dough recipe.

One perfect pasty!

Week Six

Japan Week, and our bake for the week was Japanese Steamed Buns This was a week that didn’t go over very well in the group and online. The Japanese Steamed Buns WERE a surprisingly delicious bake.

Perfectly steamed bbq pork steamed dumplings.

My personal FAVORITE Week Seven

80s WEEK! And we made Quiche with Shortcrust Pastry as our bake. And we watched Lottie go home after her Ice Cream Cake disaster.

Shortcrust Pastry blind baked and ready for baking.

Week Eight

This brought us to the Quarter Finals AND Dessert Week. You know we HAD TO MAKE Sussex Pond Pudding, right? There were some people in the group who had NO desire to make this suet pudding but for those that forged ahead, most enjoyed the results.

Week Nine

The SEMI-FINALS and Patisserie Week. We thought Hermine was going to blow everyone away, the truth is Patisserie Week blew her away. I think she just cracked under pressure. We made the signature bake, Savarin Cake, I made Rum Babas but bakers were encouraged to bake ANY Savarin Cake they wanted to make.

Yes you CAN put sprinkles on a Rum Baba.

Finals Week

This brought us to the end, and we were watching Laura, Dave, and Peter battle it out. Many thought Laura didn’t deserve to be there but she was there. Our final bake was Walnut Whirls/Whips and those nearly broke me. BUT many of our bakers HAVE made them and they LOOK amazing!!

Mine, not so much.

Walnut Whip with too much chocolate.

The 2020 Great British Baking Show Giveaway

Who Wants to Win EITHER a Cake Plate OR a Baking Session with Bake with a Legend? Just go through the widget below and enter for each week you participated in the Bake-Along. This giveaway will run through Sunday, December 27th.

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2 thoughts on “2020 GBBO Bake-Along Wrap Up”

  1. I really enjoy the group but I was not able to join as many bakes this year. Hopefully next year is different. Nice work Laura.

  2. Once I found you, my 2020 was so much better! Even though I couldn’t join in on the bakes, because I’m a teacher and 2020 teaching was so much harder and more time consuming than even my first year as a teacher. I still loved cheering on the bakers on the show and in the group! Once classes ended,, your encouraging posts and video even gave me the confidence to try a povitica! Thank you, Laura. My life is richer because of you. Blessings for a wonderful 2021.


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