How to Share Your Recipes

Share your favorite recipes with friends and family THIS year with free printable recipe cards. Print them off, fill them out, and share your best with your family.

You get THREE sets of Free Printable Recipes cards, that’s twelve cards! Pick the set you like best or MIX AND MATCH with all of them. Any which way you use these recipe cards they’re going to be a HUGE hit with your friends.

Free Printable Recipe Cards, download, print, cut, and give to friends.

Send Your Kids Off Right!

One way to use these free printable recipe cards is to make a recipe file box OR notebook with all your favorite recipe in it. Those kids aren’t going to stay young for long. Give them a gift they’ll enjoy for the rest of their live.

Some of my most treasured belongings came from a few recipe cards I got from my grandmother. The best part for me is her handwriting. It was so beautiful and elegant, and it still is today!

What Kinds of Recipes to Share?

For MY kids I’ll be sharing a few family favorites AND some basics like how to make a white sauce to make macaroni and cheese. OR basic homemade gravy, the things that will serve them well over many long years. Yes a lot of my things are online but some just feel so basic they’re not even online.

Give the Gift of Recipe Cards AND Cookie Dough

Why not give your friends something that WON’T collect dust this season. An edible gift WON’T collect dust in the corner while they try to decide if it’s ok to donate it or not.

Give them cookies OR cookie dough to bake when THEY need it. Attach the recipe card to the package so they know HOW to bake the cookie dough. AND they know how to make more of your fabulous cookies!

Free Printable Recipe Cards, download, print, cut, and share your best recipes with friends!

A Few of MY Favorite Cookie Recipes

I have some favorite cookies I’ll be sharing THIS year.

Our FAVORITE cookies the BEST Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

The Best Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

These Sugar Cookie Bars are a NEW family favorite, I bet your friends will love them too!

One perfect sugar cookie bar.

Oh or try these simple but tasty Florentine Cookies!

One single perfect Florentine Cookie.
Pin for the Free Printable Recipe Cards
Yield: 12

How to Use Free Printable Recipe Cards

First sign up for my email list and GRAB the PDF for the printable recipe cards. THEN come back here and walk through printing them off. Fill them in with your handwriting and give them to friends and family for a gift they'll treasure!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • computer or laptop
  • PDF for recipe cards
  • Card stock OR plain paper


  • Printer
  • scissors OR paper cutterĀ 


  1. FIRST download the PDF of recipe cards
  2. make sure your printer is set up to print
  3. AND make sure you've got it loaded with the card stock or paper you want to use
  4. Click on the file name "Set of 12 Recipe Cards"
  5. on a Mac click command P and the print window opens, then click print
  6. on a non-Mac hit control P, then it opens a print window, then click print
  7. use scissors to cut the cards apart

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