Halloween Tea Lights Craft

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If you’re looking for something a LITTLE different and FUN this Autumn check out this Halloween Tealights Craft made using items from the Dollar Store. OR you can totally find ALL the parts an pieces in the Halloween aisles of your local box store.

Spooky, creepy, homemade fun comes in a small portable electric tea light this Autumn!

Use this Halloween Tea Lights Craft as a party craft at your next Halloween party for schools, scouts, or home parties. The parts don’t cost a lot, kids will have a ton of fun making them, and they get a little something to take home with them.

How to Use This Dollar Store Craft in Your Home

There’s LOADS you can do with these if you just make them for yourself at home. You could:

  • Make a spooky display in your bathroom
  • tuck them in the corners of your window sills
  • put them on nightstands
  • line a hallway with them
  • put them on the stairs so you can see them as you walk upstairs
  • add them to your porch decorations

SO many ways to use them, you’ll probably be making a double batch them!

What do you NEED to make this Dollar Store Craft?

ALL of these parts and pieces can be found at a Dollar Store this season. if you’re like ME and you don’t HAVE a Dollar Store near you you can easily find most of these items at a Joann’s, Michael’s, or most of the big box stores. And if it comes down to it, and you’re not finding

Fun to MAKE and EAT Halloween Treats!

ALL of these treats below are SUPER easy Halloween Treats that kids can make with you! Or if they’re older they can take them on themselves. But I always like to try and get my kids making with me.

Yield: 8

Spooky Halloween Eyeballs

Lit up Spooky Halloween Tealights!
Prep Time 10 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • 8 Eyeball Ping Pong Balls 
  • 8 Electric Tea Lights
  • Black or Halloween Washi Tapes


  • craft knife
  • craft scissors


  1. Remove ping pong balls from the package, turn over to find the small hole at the bottom center
  2. With craft knife pointed AWAY from you, carefully insert the blade into the bottom of the hard plastic ping pong ball
    four times creating a cross shape
    Cutting ping pong balls for the eyeball craft!
  3. Line up the hole in the ping pong ball with the plastic flame of the votive
    Putting the ping pong ball on the electric tea light candle.
  4. Push ping pong ball onto the flame until it reaches the base
  5. Decorate the battery-operated votive by wrapping the base with Halloween themed washi tape
  6. Trim the washi tape with scissors
  7. turn on the candles and enjoy!

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