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Bake With a Legend? YES, PLEASE!

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I recently discovered a fun and unique online baking class, Bake With a Legend. Have you heard of it??

Baked with a Legend
courtesy of Bake With A Legend

Love the GBBO?

If you LOVE the GBBO, Great British Baking Show, or you’re a member of my Great British Baking Show Bake-Along group, these classes are FOR YOU! Scroll down to grab my DISCOUNT CODE and schedule your classes today.


Because you take classes directly with former contestants of the GBBO!

photo courtesy of Bake With A Legend

Want to bake with Howard?? YOU CAN! And loads of other bakers too. I’ve take classes with Julia, Howard, and Karen so far.

And I’ve got one coming up with Ian too. We’re making Raspberry Vanilla Tarts. Sadly that class has sold out so you can’t jump in and bake with ME but there are lots more classes coming up.

I’ve also grabbed a spot in Howard’s up coming Swiss Meringue Chocolate Tartlets class.

No Pressure Classes!

The BEST part of these online classes is there’s no pressure. I was so worried before my first class but I shouldn’t have been, everything went smoothly and everyone was SO nice!
These are LITERALLY things I panicked about before my first class:

  • I didn’t find the right ingredient, and guess what, NO PROBLEM! The teachers not only told me it’s ok, but the bakers/teachers also gave me tips on how to make substitutions work!
  • I won’t be able to keep up. NONSENSE. The classes are set at a speed everyone can follow. Not everyone finishes at the same time, no all ovens bake at the same speed, and all mixers work differently. because there is time built-in, there is time to catch up.
  • My kitchen isn’t a show kitchen, I will be embarrassed. ALSO NONSENSE. I put my computer up so I can see the screen and only a bit of my kitchen shows. And everyone in the classes walks away from the computer to work on things, grab a coffee, wash a pan, put things in the oven, and so on.
  • What if my bake fails? Oh, but what if it doesn’t?? I am a notoriously TERRIBLE cake baker and I made a swiss roll stuffed and rolled in under 90 minutes. That class terrified me but once I baked a successful cake I felt so confident that I baked the same cake, the same day, for a friend’s birthday.
    Just today I had a bake that didn’t go quite right, I filled it with cream, stuffed it with berries, covered it in ganache, and added powdered sugar. The point? NO ONE KNEW it wasn’t perfect except me. And we STILL ate.
Bake With a Legend

Why are you waiting to have some baking fun online? When you go sign-up for classes use my code BAKEALONG and get 10% off your classes. Grab a class and lets bake!

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