Easy Recipes for Kids to Make

Looking for fun Easy Recipes for Kids to Make? I’ve got a HUGE list of kid-friendly recipes here. These are recipes that kids will enjoy making AND eating.

A Variety of Recipes for Kids

These are not ALL sweet cookies and cakes either. We’ve got savory dinners, fun bread recipes, Instant Pot recipes AND MORE! And a lot of them feature pantry items, things you already have in your house, so no shopping required! Honestly, these are fun recipes for kids to make with you assisting, you won’t be sorry!

Classic Sloppy Joe

For MOST of us, this week starts a LOT of “distance education.” Our kids have been up and learning for a few weeks already but it feels like EVERYONE is really getting used to zoom meetings with teachers and distance-ed THIS WEEK.

home roasted sunflower seeds

I’ve been enjoying having my sons home for the last month. First they had spring break and then school opening was pushed back, and then pushed back again, and so they’ve been just getting a bit of distance-ed up until this week.

Oven Fried Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner

Now it’s on, and one of the things teachers have requested is cook or bake with kids. We’re into that! These boys have been baking or cooking every day since school was canceled.

Before You Say My Kids Won’t Eat THAT

Remember, there’s pride in ownership, your kids will at least try most of these recipes. So why not check them out, and get cooking and baking with your kids?!

cherry cheesecake smoothie

Get Your Kids Into the Kitchen!

Here’s a post I wrote a while ago about Getting Your Kids to Eat Vegetables, it has some fun tools and tips to get kids in the kitchen with you. I know it may feel a little clunky at first but I promise you, having kids who know their way around the kitchen is a wonderful thing! Our 16 year can and does make full dinners whenever we need him to.

recipes for kids to make

Easy Recipes for Kids to Make

A collection of Savory AND Sweet Easy Recipes for Kids to Make.

Easy Savory Recipes to Make with Kids 

Here's a fun collection of savory recipes kids will enjoy making! Different kids will have different abilities in the kitchen, so use your best judgment!

Easy Sweet Recipes for Kids to Make

And of course, we all need some sweets, so here you go! Different kids will have different abilities in the kitchen, so use your best judgment and help where they need it.

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