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Union Gap Washington

Can You Cook Dinner in a Hotel Kitchenette

In this installment of The PNW Foodie Road Trip, Heather and I are still in Union Gap, and you’ll finally have that essential travel question answered, Can you cook dinner in a Hotel Kitchenette? Our trip was sponsored in part by Best Western Plus Ahtanum Myrtol, Mazda, Visit Union Gap WashingtonVisit Enumclaw Washington, White Pass Scenic Byway Washington and the NW Cherry Growers.

PNW Foodie Road Trip in Union Gap Washington

When we last talked about our amazing PNW Foodie Road Trip we’d just reached Union Gap, met Eric from Visit Union Gap and had a James Beard Award-Winning Tamales. And sacked out early, not just from the heat but driving the Chinook Pass shook us.

Best Western Ahtanum

Guess what? Day three of the PNW Foodie Road Trip was about to fantastic as well. We grabbed a quick breakfast at our host hotel, Best Western Plus Ahtanum.

Breakfast at the Best Western Ahtanum Union Gap Washington

The breakfast choices were many, and the coffee was even pretty good! I’m hard to impress in the coffee area just so you know. Even the lobby was gorgeous with an indoor/outdoor fireplace being installed.

Best Western Ahtanum

Central Washington Ag Museum

Central Washington Ag Museum

And then we headed to the Central Washington Ag Museum to start our day. We took a long walk through the museum with Jeanene from Visit Union Gap, and wow there is SO much to see. From antiques and collectibles, to row upon row of trucks that would leave my boys in awe, to a real working Gutenberg press, and so much more.

If you’re in Union Gap, Yakima or Central Washington, this is a must-see museum. And be sure to check out their schedule because they’ve always got something going on! I want to go back just to see more of this museum alone, but Union Gap has so much more to see.

Fruit City

Our next stop was FRUIT CITY. Yes, it has to be in all caps. It’s loud and lively and the best fruit stand in town. The prices were great so we scooped up some fresh corn. Yes, we were already plotting to make dinner in our hotel kitchenette.

Fruit City Haul!

From there strolled through That 70s Store. Fell in love with all things from our childhood all over again. Heather and I could have shopped in the kitchen/homewares rooms for a couple of hours but we had a schedule to keep. Onward!

Lunch at Majors

To Majors for lunch. We’d spotted them on facebook and ooh’d and ah’d over their fried zucchini, so Eric sent us their way for lunch. Majors did not disappoint. I tried their chicken sandwich, crispy and juicy, like a perfect chicken sandwich should be! And that fried zucchini tasted better than we ever imagined it would.

Fried Zucchini

Time for cold drinks!

From Majors, we headed upward to the Cowiche Creek Brewery. It’s a bit of a drive from Union Gap, but you can see just about forever from up there, so totally worth it. The beer, the company, and the brewery dog made it all worth the drive.

Cowiche Creek Brewery  for beers and views!

After that, we hopped in our Mazda CX9 and headed for something cool and refreshing because honestly, the heat was getting to this Alaskan girl. Down we went back to Union Gap and their local smoothie shop, Fruit Mix and Bubble Tea.

I tried my favorite fall back MANGO Boba and Heather grabbed a Soursop, a new flavor to me. She tried to convince me to try it; I was not swayed. Instead, I enjoyed my handmade mango smoothie.

Time to see if we can cook dinner in a Hotel Kitchenette

From there we headed to the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for dinner. We had fresh corn, tomatoes, and other assorted goodies from Fruit City, so we needed to figure out what to do with it. We landed on a sauteed corn salad with seared shrimp.

Before we’d left the Best Western Ahtanum we’d checked on what kinds of tools we had to work with. We had a frying pan, assorted tools, and a saucepan. Our plan was to go live on each of our Facebook pages simultaneously and cook together.

So can two food bloggers with limited pans cook dinner in a hotel kitchenette? Watch and see my friends, watch see!

Spoiler Alert

Cook dinner in a hotel kitchenette?

What’s Next

Our next installment of the PNW Foodie Road Trip takes us through some of the best things to see and do between Union Gap and Chehalis Washington on the White Pass Scenic Byway.

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  1. How cool, never dreamed I would see a blog post so close to home!!!!! I believe you stayed next door to where I work (the law office with the bulldog on the sign,)

    • That is awesome! We loved Union Gap, and we can’t wait to go back.
      Have you been to the Ag Museum?? One of the highlights of our trip. Cheers!


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